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Information Intercepted was a virtual representation of one of Jacob and Evie Frye's genetic memories, relived by a Helix initiate through the Helix Navigator.


Henry Green directed a plan for Jacob or Evie to acquire Duleep Singh's stolen letters, as proof that Duleep should take action.


Jacob or Evie met Henry outside his curiosity shop.

  • Henry: Good, you're here.

Henry accompanied Jacob or Evie as they drove a carriage.

  • Henry: This isn't the first time his highness has had troubles with the British Indies Company. A couple of years ago, they held his mother captive and blocked all his letters to her. Odds are they're keeping his correspondence from reaching the outside world once again. I have acquired the mail courier's schedule. There are two separate routes of transport. The first, a mail-carrying carriage convoy. The second, a train. If we set up an ambush, you should be able to seize his letters. Maybe this will change his mind. Start with the convoy. We must block the road.

Jacob or Evie drove the carriage to the first ambush location, in the middle of the street. With the area blocked, they scouted out Rooks for the ambush.

  • Henry: The mail convoy will be here any minute now. Scout the area for allies, I will guard the area.

Jacob or Evie recruited the first Rook.

  • Jacob/Evie: We've got dynamite planted near the convoy's ambush location.
  • Rook 1: Aye, aye captain!

After scouting, the Assassins awaited the arrival of the mail convoy.

  • Henry: The convoy is headed our way.
  • Jacob: Rooks! You're with Henry.
  • Evie: Stay with Henry.
  • Rooks: Understood!
    Will do.
    Got it.

The mail convoy guarded by Templars arrived.

  • Templars: Stop! It's one of those Bloody Rooks!
    Stop the carriage! We have trouble!
    There's a thief in our midst!
    Who're you? Stop the carriage!

Jacob or Evie battled the Templars, then acquired the letters from the convoy.

  • Jacob: Got them!
  • Evie: Henry will want these.
  • Henry: Repeat the same process with the train. I must return to my shop and shall invite Mister Singh over for a spot of tea.

Jacob or Evie left the area and traveled to the second ambush location, the train station.

  • Rook 2: The train could come in at any moment. We need reinforcements.

Jacob or Evie scouted out Rooks, some of whom were attacked by Blighters.

  • Rook 3: Let me go!
  • Blighter 1: You'll pay for sneakin' around!
  • Rook 4: You're not getting anything from me!
  • Blighter 2: Oh, I will make you squeal, bird!

Jacob or Evie completed set-up and awaited the arrival of the train.

  • Jacob: The letters are on that train.
  • Evie: Those letters should be inside the train.
  • Rook 2: Train's coming!
  • Rooks: Got it.
    Will do.

The train arrived.

  • Templar 1: Why'd we stop?
  • Templar 2: The boss'll be angry if we don't deliver these on time.

Jacob or Evie battled the Templars, then acquired the letters onboard the train.

  • Jacob: Here we are! Now back to Greenie.
  • Evie: Henry was right. I should show him what I found.

Jacob or Evie left the area. Both twins returned to the curiosity shop where Henry argued with Duleep.

  • Henry: There is a difference between pacifism and inaction.
  • Duleep: How many times do I have to tell you-
  • Henry: Ahh.. You two do have impeccable timing.
  • Jacob: Did we interrupt something?
  • Evie: I believe these will be of interest to you, your highness.

Evie placed down the letters for Duleep.

  • Duleep: These letters... they are from me. The seals have been broken.
  • Jacob: That's how we found them.
  • Duleep: This... This is a letter I wrote to my mother when I was just a boy! Where did you find these possessions of mine?
  • Evie: On a mail convoy.
  • Jacob: The Templars. They have a way of getting to you.
  • Duleep: I thought I had put an end to it years ago but the British Indies Company continues to steal my property. You were right to think something strange was afoot.
  • Evie: We must take action. But it will not be possible without your help.
  • Duleep: I believe you're right, but I must have some time to think on this. In the meantime, please be discreet. I don't need her majesty finding out about this.


Jacob and Evie delivered Duleep's stolen letters, which convinced him of the antagonism set by the British Indies Company and the Templars.


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