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Infiltrating Southgate was a virtual representation of one of Haytham Kenway's genetic memories, relived by Desmond Miles in 2012 through the Animus.[1]


Having recruited all the allies that Reginald Birch had proposed, Haytham devised a plan to infiltrate Southgate. Working with his allies, he planned to kill Silas Thatcher and free the slaves that were being held in the fort.

Memory Animus Feedback System[]

  • Find and kill the general.
  • Attack the convoy.
  • Blend with your men and enter the fort's courtyard.
  • Assassinate Silas.
  • Kill Silas' remaining guards.


  • Haytham: Gentlemen. I believe I've found the solution to our problem. Or rather, Odysseus has.
  • Thomas: Ody-ooh? 'E a new guy?
  • Charles: The Greek hero, you lobcock.
  • Haytham: Allow me to explain: We enter Silas' fort under the pretext[sic] of kinship. Once inside we spring our trap, free the captives, and kill the slaver.
  • Thomas: Dodgy, dodgy. I like it.
  • Haytham: Then let us begin. First we need to find ourselves a convoy...
ACIII-InfiltratingSouthgate 3

Haytham explaining the ambush plan to Charles Lee

The group then set out to find a convoy, eventually finding one carrying several prisoners.

  • Haytham: The convoy should be here soon. We'll attack on my signal.
  • Charles: Understood, sir.
  • Haytham: If we time this right, we can catch them all unawares...

Benjamin, William and Thomas placed a cart in the middle of the road.

  • Redcoat: The hell is this?
  • Thomas: A thousand pardons, sirs - seems we've 'ad ourselves an unhappy little accident.
  • Redcoat: Get it sorted - and quickly.
  • Thomas: Course, m'lord. At once.

The group then attacked the Redcoat patrol, killing everyone and taking their clothes.

  • Haytham: Charles - you and William will serve as vanguard. Let no man reach us.
  • Thomas: Wot about me?
  • Haytham: You and John will follow from a distance and keep watch over us. I'll signal you when I have need of your services.
ACIII-InfiltratingSouthgate 6

Haytham trying to convince Kaniehtí:io

Haytham climbed on the cart next to one of the prisoners and spurred the horses.

  • Haytham: We're here to help you - along with those held inside Southgate Fort.
  • Kaniehtí:io: Free me.
  • Haytham: Not until we're inside the gate. I can't chance an inspection at the gate going wrong. I'll see you safe. You have my word.

Haytham had the cart moving.

  • Haytham: Do you know anything of Silas' operation? How many men we might expect? The nature of their defenses?

Kaniehtí:io remained silent.

  • Haytham: You must be rather important to him if you were given your own escort...
  • William: Sir - we've enemies ahead. Shall I engage them?
  • Haytham: No. Let Jonathan and Thomas take care of it.
  • William: As you wish.
  • Haytham: (to Kaniehtí:io) I wish you'd trust us... Though I suppose it's only natural for you to be wary. So be it.
  • Thomas: I'm gonna enjoy this!

Thomas, John and Benjamin took out three guards at the side of the road. The group then reached a checkpoint.

  • Officer: Halt! Identify yourselves! Where is Leftenant Jones? What's the meaning of this?
  • Haytham: Engage the enemy!
  • John: Your life is forfeit!
  • Thomas: You shoulda run, boy!

Under Haytham's orders, the soldiers at the checkpoint were killed. Another officer and his dog then approached the cart.

  • Haytham: God damned dogs...
  • Officer: What is it, boy?
    You - in the cart. I need to inspect your cargo.
  • Haytham: Let no man reach us!
  • Thomas: Looks like you're ta meet the reaper!

Thomas killed the officer and his dog. The group was then approached by an officer and his men.

  • Officer: Ah-ha! Bringing fresh meat, eh?... Come here, I want to take a look before Silas uses her.
  • Haytham: On your guard, men!
  • Benjamin: Of course.
  • Charles: To arms!

The officer and his men were killed.

  • Charles: Only say the word and I'll cut them down.

The group reached a final checkpoint.

  • Officer: One moment there. Are you new? Who's your officer?
  • Haytham: Engage the enemy!
  • John: For the Order!
  • Thomas: Come on, then! Let's see how tough you are. Looks like you're ta meet the reaper!

The guards at the checkpoint were killed.

  • Haytham: All clear!

The group reached the main gate.

  • Redcoat: Hold!
  • Haytham: Evening gentlemen.
  • Redcoat: State your business.
  • Haytham: Delivery for Silas.
  • Redcoat: Go on, then.

Haytham drove the cart through the main gate and freed Kaniehtí:io.

  • Haytham: See? I'm freeing you just as I said I would. Now if you'll allow me to explain-

Kaniehtí:io ran off.

ACIII-InfiltratingSouthgate 11

Haytham releasing the slaves

  • Haytham: Let her go.
  • Thomas: But she'll give us away.
  • Haytham: No she won't.
  • John: What's the plan?
  • Haytham: Free the captives and avoid detection.
  • Benjamin: What of Silas?
  • Haytham: He dies.
  • John: Signal when you're ready to strike.

While Haytham freed the slaves, his allies occupied the guards in conversation.

  • Guard 1: Who are you with?
  • Benjamin: I don't follow.
  • Guard 1: Leftenant Wilkins?
  • Benjamin: Uhh, no, no, a man named, uh, Coswell. Leftenant Coswell.
  • Guard 2: I've not heard of him.
  • Guard 3: Coswell? Is he the chap with the gammy leg?
  • Benjamin: That's the one! That's the very man.
  • Guard 4: Saw action at Culloden if memory serves. Put down the clans he did.
  • Benjamin: Ha, "Leftenant Coswell, hero of Culloden."
  • Guard 4: Bit of an arse as I recall.
  • Guard 2: I've never heard of him.
  • William: Who have we got, then?
  • Guard 5: What are you talking about?
  • William: Prisoners. Who are they?
  • Guard 5: Prisoners? There are no prisoners.
  • William: You know who I mean. The fellas we caught.
  • Guard 5: They do not exist. Understood? And, if they did exist, we would not acknowledge them. There are no prisoners.
  • William: Ah yes, of course. My mistake.
  • John: Stop slouching, soldier! I said, stop slouching!
  • Guard 6: Who are you to tell me what to do?
  • John: A good friend of Mr. Thatcher's.
  • Guard 6: Oh... I.. I see. My apologies.
  • John: You take care with your tongue in the future.
  • Guard 6: Certainly, sir. Upon my honor.
  • Charles: Greetings. How fares the watch?
  • Guard 7: Who are you?
  • Charles: Thomas Smith, newly recruited. Arrived from London just last week in fact.
  • Guard 7: And you're to patrol with us?
  • Charles: So said Silas.
  • Guard 7: Hmm.
  • Charles: I assume it's all rather straightforward? Watch for disturbances, ensure order is maintained?
  • Guard 7: Mm-hm.
  • Charles: Merchandise?
  • Guard 7: You don't know, you don't need to. Just do as you've been told and stay out of our way.
  • Charles: Of course.
    I must say, the weather in Boston is much fairer than back home.
  • Guard 8: Wait until winter, and see if you still feel the same.
  • Guard 9: Or summer for that matter. The heat and wet, it suffocates a man.
  • Guard 8: And these uniforms. Ha, clearly sewn for the climes. Too thin when it's cold, too heavy when it's hot.
  • Charles: I assume it's quiet here most days?
  • Guard 9: Aye, on occasion we'll catch a smuggler trying to ferry contraband into the city. A small fine and stern warning usually sets them right.
  • Charles: Hmm, a nice change of pace from the campaigning back home.
  • Guard 9: Why do you think so many of us volunteered? Good pay, safe work, a chance to own some land.
  • Guard 8: The French would see an end to that.
  • Guard 9: I don't know. They seem content in the north. Sometimes I wonder if it's not we who provoke with our sorties and expeditions.
  • Guard 8: Ha! That's exactly what they'd want you to think.
  • Charles: Such a shame. The colonies are meant to be an opportunity, not another warfront.
  • Thomas: Oi, fellas. Apologies for me tardiness. Cutter had me working late.
  • Guard 10: You know Cutter?!
  • Thomas: Heh, well, who'd ya think got me this post? We're like brothers, me an' 'im. Now, what's it Silas want us doin'? We're here to rough up the prisoners? Relieve them of their finery? I 'ear some of them carry real silver. Wouldn't mind 'elping meself to a bit of it before we send them on their way.
  • Guard 10: No, keep clear of the merchandise. Don't speak of it either. We watch the gates and patrol the grounds.
  • Thomas: Understood, boss. I am yours to command.

Haytham freed all the prisoners without being detected.

  • Silas: An hour of quiet was all I asked. Instead I'm awakened not ten minutes later by this cacophonous madness! I expect an explanation - and it had best be good! How?! How did this happen!? My precious merchandise set free?! It's unacceptable! Rest assured I'll have the heads of those responsible! But first... first we clean up this mess!
    Seal the fort. Kill any who try to escape. I don't care if they be one of us or one of... them. To approach the gate is to be made a corpse! Am I understood?

Haytham and his allies engaged the guards in open combat.

  • Haytham: Push them back!
  • William: Go on, Haytham! We'll hold back the guards while you deal with Silas!
    Where did you receive your training? DID you receive any training?
    This is the best Boston has to offer? No wonder the French still pose a threat...
    With fighting skills like these, it's little wonder you were set to guard a fort.
    There's still time for you to flee... though not much.
  • Charles: No mercy!
    I'll deal with this, sir!
    For the Order!
    Back, rogues! You shall not have us!

While Charles, William, John, Thomas, Benjamin and the slaves fought the guards, Haytham went after Silas.

  • Silas: No man passes through the gates! Do you hear me?! NO MAN!
    To allow a breach of this magnitude! I should kill you all!
    Kill anyone you do not recognize!
    Take positions, men! Ready your weapons! Take aim! Fire! Reload! Reload! Again!
    Where is Cutter?! Find him! Find him now!

Haytham reached Silas.

  • Silas: He's here! Stop the interloper!
    Kill the intruders! All of them!
    He's the one responsible! Kill him!

Benjamin joined Haytham.

  • Haytham: Benjamin! Glad to have you with us! I could use some help!
  • Benjamin: The Order stands united!
    I'll fillet you like a cod!
    Back! You vile pox!
    I'll deal with this wretch!

Silas was defeated in battle.

ACIII-InfiltratingSouthgate 14

Church preparing to execute Silas

  • Silas: Who are you?
  • Haytham: Name's Haytham Kenway. You don't know me. But I believe the two of you are well acquainted...
  • Benjamin: I made a promise to you, Silas - one I intend to keep.

Benjamin then shot Silas, ending the siege on the fort and allowing all slaves to be freed.

  • Charles: What happens now?
  • Haytham: We wait. Though not for very long, I suspect...


Haytham and his allies managed to free the slaves held by Silas, killing the general in the process. They also hoped the freed natives would contact them, and provide information on the amulet.

Behind the scenes[]

A prisoner could be found at the far side of the fort, although he could not be interacted with. Additionally, he would glow red in Eagle Vision.



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