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Infantile Revenge was a virtual representation of one of Kassandra's genetic memories, relived by Layla Hassan through the Portable Animus HR-8.5.


Kassandra met a midwife who asked her to destroy the remains of Chrysis' influence.


A woman in Argolis drew Kassandra's attention.

  • Kassandra: Chaire. Need any help?
  • Woman: Eagle Bearer! I don't know how to thank you.

  • Kassandra: I accept your gratitude. I'm sure I've done something to warrant it.

  • Kassandra: I'm not sure what I've done that warrants your thanks.

  • Woman: You saved baby Alethea from that terrible witch, Chrysis. Because of you, both mother and child are reunited, and the whole village knows the mistake the priests of Asklepios made.
  • Kassandra: Hopefully no more innocent children will be taken from their mothers in the name of Hera.
  • Woman: Yes, we need to put a stop to this madness once and for all. The village hopes you will help them this one final time to destroy the remaining shrine that Chrysis built.
  • Kassandra: So I must find and destroy it?
  • Woman: Yes, the shrine must be destroyed.

(Accept - I'll destroy it.)

  • Kassandra: I'll help you. You have my word.
  • Woman: I'm in your debt.
  • Kassandra: I'll come back when I'm done.

Kassandra made her way to a shrine nearby, occupied by some Followers of Ares. She destroyed the shrine before returning to the midwife.

  • Woman: You again. Has it been destroyed, misthios?
  • Kassandra: It's been smashed to pieces, just like you asked.
  • Woman: You're truly skilled, misthios. Here. For you.
  • Kassandra: Thank you.


Kassandra helped the woman to destroy a shrine built by Chrysis.


  • This quest is only available if the infant is saved from the burning shrine in the quest Ashes to Ashes.



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