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Inevitable Confrontation was a visual representation of Ratonhnhaké:ton's genetic memories.[1]


Ratonhnhaké:ton confronted King Washington atop his palace, where the king observed his crumbling army.


Inevitable Confrontation 1

Ratonhnhaké:ton attempting to reason with Washington

  • Washington: Ah. It is you. At last.
  • Ratonhnhaké:ton: Commander Washington. If you give up the Apple, I will let you live.
  • Washington: Give up the Apple?
  • Ratonhnhaké:ton: It controls you.
  • Washington: Is that what you believe? I believe I control it. Although I never considered the possibility that it could control someone. Perhaps it can.
  • Ratonhnhaké:ton: You have been corrupted by the Apple's power.
  • Washington: Corrupted? Well, that raises an interesting question: Do you wish me to give up the Apple in order to ... save my soul? ... Or do you wish the Apple for yourself, so you can control the nation?
  • Ratonhnhaké:ton: ... The true rulers are the people.
  • Washington: Let's not deceive ourselves. It's an absurd thought, but let's suppose I were beholden to this Apple, how would you behave differently?
  • Ratonhnhaké:ton: I would use it for the good of everyone.
  • Washington: Possession of the Apple is both a burden and a blessing. Tell me, when you shake the earth, do you feel that you are a slave to the people? ... Or do you wish to be their master?
  • Ratonhnhaké:ton: The people want you brought down.
  • Washington: But you didn't answer the question. I am the only King here.

Ratonhnhaké:ton fought Washington again using Wolf Cloak and Eagle Flight to tackle him.

Inevitable Confrontation 6

Ratonhnhaké:ton attacking Washington using Eagle Flight

  • Ratonhnhaké:ton: I will end you for all you've done!

Washington generated a shield around himself and sent holographic projections of himself to attack Ratonhnhaké:ton, who responded by weakening the stained glass ceiling with Bear Might. Washington began blasting him with energy bolts, but Ratonhnhaké:ton weakened the corners, causing the ceiling to shatter and collapse. Ratonhnhaké:ton tackled the king, falling to the floor. Mortally wounded, Washington picked up the Apple and staggered to his throne. Ratonhnhaké:ton began approaching him. He then saw visions of those closest to him in place of Washington.

  • Kanen'tó:kon: Ratonhnhaké:ton! I died trying to bring down Washington, but I plead with you: do not pursue the Apple.
  • Kaniehtí:io: My son, I am so worried for you. The Sky Journeys have lead you astray. Give up your fight for the Apple, please, my son, please!

Ratonhnhaké:ton then saw himself, wearing the Assassin robe, sitting on the throne.

  • Connor: Now's your chance! Take the Apple! Take it! TAKE IT!

Just before Ratonhnhaké:ton could touch the Apple, the alternate reality collapsed and the Apple fell to the ground. Connor and Washington looked at each other with distrust. Washington picked up the Apple.

Inevitable Confrontation 15

Washington passing the Apple to Connor

  • Connor: Commander!
  • Washington: Take it! Take it from me. I do not want it!
  • Connor: No man should possess a power so absolute.
  • Washington: Sink it into the sea. Weight it and sink to the bottom-most reaches of the ocean!

Washington rode off, and Connor took the Aquila to drop the Apple into the sea.

  • Sailor: Where we headed, anyway?

In Washington's office, a phantom created by the Apple greeted him.

  • Phantom: Commander Washington.
  • Washington: I thought I was alone.
  • Phantom: I'm sorry to interrupt.
  • Washington: It's quite all right.
  • Phantom: Things appear to be at a stalemate.
  • Washington: I'm afraid so.
  • Phantom: Might I suggest, Commander, that a republic cannot survive in a world with so many contending powers.
  • Washington: I beg your pardon?
  • Phantom: Elected bodies, to be sure. The war was fought for this. For this nation to prosper, for this nation to thrive, the weakness of a republic must be balanced by a powerful man at its center. A powerful man, Commander, who, if... if I may be so bold, would be elevated in the eyes of the world if he were given the title of King.
Inevitable Confrontation 16

Washington speaking with the phantom

  • Washington: Sir. I believe I can answer you in complete candor. Your proposal raises the greatest mischief that can befall my country! You could not have found a person to whom your schemes are more disagreeable. Let me conjure you then, if you have any regard for your country, concern for yourself or posterity, or respect for me ... to banish these thoughts from your mind, never communicate, as from yourself, or any one else, a sentiment of the like nature.

The man disappeared. Connor dropped the weighted bag, which carried the Apple, into the ocean.

  • Connor: We are done here.
  • Sailor: You want to go back?
  • Connor: Yes. Back. Take us back.


Connor and Washington returned to the real world, where Connor sank the Apple into the ocean, and Washington's resolve for a republic was strengthened.



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