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The Independent

The Independent (harvested from: Alsoomse) was an Animi Avatar used by the entertainment branch of Abstergo Industries, as part of their plan to influence the general public, via the console stage of the Animus technology. She used a hatchet as her specialty weapon, which reflected her fierce temperament.

Unique moves[]

The Independent had several unique moves:

(Low Profile, Front)

Approaching her target from the front, the Independent pulls out her hatchet and butts its head into their stomach, winding them, which makes them bend over. After this, she swings the weapon down at her victim's exposed back, severing their spine and subsequently killing them. Following this, she then removes her hatchet as she watches them collapse backwards.

(Low Profile, Back)

Sneaking up to her target from behind, the Independent takes out her hatchet and embeds it into the right of their hip, making them recoil in agony, before she removes her weapon and strikes down hard in between their shoulder blades. Driving her victim to their knees, she lets them collapse as she sheathes her weapon.

(High Profile, Front)

Running up to her target, the Independent suddenly swings her hatchet downwards into their forehead, with the force causing them to kneel. Following this, she jumps upwards and shunts their head from the weapon with her knee, sending her victim sprawling to the floor as she lands gracefully on her feet.

(High Profile, Back)

As the Independent rushes over to her target from behind, she grabs their right shoulder and uses her legs to swing herself up into the air and over them. While in mid-air, she embeds her hatchet into her victim's ribcage violently, before she slices the axe deeply into their chest as she rips it out.

(Aerial Kill)

Jumping down from above, the Independent pounces onto her target with her hatchet, before she brutally smashes it into their head, killing them instantly. Following this, she gets up and hastily yanks her weapon out, leaving their body on the ground where it lays.

(Bench Kill)

Grabbing her seated target's foot, the Independent drags them off the bench until their head rests against it. Before her victim can do anything to defend themselves, she forcefully kicks them in the face, violently sending their head backwards and breaking her target's neck on the bench behind them.


  • "Your spirit is weak!"
  • "You are no threat!"
  • "Is that all?"
  • "Sleep forever."
  • "I want your blood!"
  • "You're too high spirited."
  • "I will wait for you."
  • "Not so fast!"
  • "Another lost soul."
  • "You will fear me."


The Independent could be customized in several ways:


  • Basic: Crimson red.
  • Extra 1: Canary yellow.
  • Extra 2: Sky blue.


  • White Costume
  • Dark Costume
  • Alternative Costume 1
  • Alternative Costume 2
  • Wild Cat Costume
  • Warrior Costume

In-depth customization:

  • Heads:
    • Head 1: Villager Headdress
    • Head 2: Traveler Headdress
    • Head 3: Ritual Headdress
  • Main clothes:
    • Clothes 1: Villager Shawl
    • Clothes 2: Traveler Shawl
    • Clothes 3: Ritual Shawl
  • Secondary clothes:
    • Clothes 1: Villager Loincloth
    • Clothes 2: Traveler Loincloth
    • Clothes 3: Ritual Loincloth
  • Legs:
    • Legs 1: Villager Boots
    • Legs 2: Traveler Boots
    • Legs 3: Ritual Boots
  • Belts:
    • Belt 1: Villager Belt
    • Belt 2: Traveler Belt
    • Belt 3: Ritual Belt
  • Make-up:
    • Make-up 1: Pale blue lipstick and eye shadow.
    • Make-up 2: Orange lipstick and eye shadow.
    • Make-up 3: Red lipstick and eye shadow.
  • War paint:
    • Primary war paints:
      • Primary War Paint 1: A band of faintly washed-out war paint across the nose bridge that curves upward at the cheeks.
      • Primary War Paint 2: A thick band of war paint, curving slightly upward, which passes between the upper lip and the tip of the nose, featuring a wavy offshoot towards the bottom on both cheeks. Accompanying this is a single streak of paint stemming from the bottom lip to the chin.
      • Primary War Paint 3: A symmetrical design with thick war paint around the eyes and across the nose bridge, forming the shape of a mask, which then sharply extends downwards following the contours of both cheeks. Stopping just above the jawline, the design then arches upwards again, giving it the appearance of blades. The design also features three dots above the right eyebrow, as well as a streak of paint stemming from the bottom lip and widening as it travels toward the chin.
    • Secondary war paints:
      • Secondary War Paint 1: Two whisker-like dabs of war paint on both cheeks.
      • Secondary War Paint 2: A pair of thin, vertical, triangle-shaped dabs of war paint on both cheeks.
      • Secondary War Paint 3: Two small tear drops below the eyes, as well as two short, horizontal streaks of warpaint on the lower cheeks.


  • Axes:
    • Hatchet
    • Quality Hatchet
    • Superior Hatchet
  • Daggers:
    • Ritual Knife
    • Superior Ritual Knife
  • Spears:
    • Javelin
    • Superior Javelin

Secondary weapons:


  • The Independent shares her second taunt animation with the Corsair, her High Profile, Back animation with the Vanguard, and her High Profile, Front kill move is performed similarly, though the Independent does not slash her victim across the neck with her tomahawk, as opposed to the Vanguard.