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Incoming Threat was a visual representation of one of Bayek's genetic memories, relived by Layla Hassan through the Portable Animus HR-8.


A desperate man asks Bayek for his help. Urgently, he gives him a letter written by someone called Otis.


A man runs towards Bayek, looking for his attention

  • Man: You are Bayek, yes? My master is anxious that you get this letter. It is urgent!
  • Bayek: Your master? Do I know him?
  • Man: His name is Otis. You haven't met. All is explained in his letter.

Bayek reads the letter the man gave to him.

  • Letter from Otis: Medjay Bayek, may Amun guide this letter to your hands. I labor as a scribe within the Royal Palace and have come across with some disturbing information. It seems that Siwa is again in danger. The details have eluded me, but some artifacts seem to have attracted the attention of a Roman general at the Saragina Camp. He has begun bribing various Siwan officials in preparation to commandeer the entire village. Siwa is dear to me, as a young boy I journeyed there with my parents to pray to the Oracle. I have mourned for its recent travails and would hate to see another visited so soon in that lovely region. I am still attempting to discover the motive behind all this. The information I have was given to me by a Nabatean by the name of Gamilat. It is possible you'll learn more at the Saragina Camp. If, indeed, you do undertake to prevent the massacre, please meet me afterwards at my home south of the Eastern market in Alexandria. Let us pray it is not too late. Otis.
  • Bayek: Will Siwa never know peace? I will go to the Saragina Camp to learn if there is any truth to this letter.

Bayek traveled to the Saragina Camp.

  • Bayek: I must let Rome know that Siwa is never to be harmed again. None of these men will survive.
Incoming Threat001(Saragina Camp)

Saragina Camp.

Bayek, while approaching, heard an Egyptian Soldier speaking to his men.

  • Egyptian Soldier: Take it quickly and our Roman patron will pay well.
  • Egyptian Soldier: Anyone offers resistance, show no mercy.
  • Egyptian Soldier: Strike the fear of Anubis into 'em.
  • Egyptian Soldier: Soon men, soon.
  • Egyptian Soldier: Sharpen your swords, men! You'll need them.

Bayek killed the Egyptian Soldier.

  • Bayek: So much for the commander. He may be carrying important information.

Bayek found a letter on the Egyptian Soldier.

  • Bayek: Ah! This may tell me what their plan is.
  • Military orders: My Egyptian friends. You are well aware your country is falling into decrepitude. It lacks discipline, it lacks order, it lacks a leader. Cleopatra does not have the political will to use the required force. It is left to us. We must infiltrate deeply every level of the society. Adras, as captain of the army, your role will be to conquer Siwa. It is well known that some object great power is hidden there. We must find it. Jibade, use your political influence to expand the ranks of the army. We will need many soldiers in the coming months. Pissa Oros Citadel is already aware of your arrival. I have also ordered several carts to be filled with luxurious goods to be used as inducements. One will be waiting for you in Pissa Oros. Another is in preparation at the Limestone Quarry and the last one should leave Camp Menouthis for Alexandria soon. I leave it to you to determine whom to bribe. I count on you both. General R.
  • Bayek: I will destroy these carts. And Jibade will soon meet Anubis.
Incoming Threat002(Destroying Cart)

Bayek destroying one of the carts.

Bayek found the first cart.

  • Bayek: That must be one of the carts!

Bayek destroyed the first cart.

  • Bayek: That is one. Now the other two.

Bayek found the second cart and destroyed it.

  • Bayek: There. One more.
Incoming Threat003(Pissa Oros Citadel)

Pissa Oros Citadel.

Bayek approached the Pissa Oros Citadel.

  • Bayek: Jibade must be somewhere in this fortress.

Bayek destroyed the last cart.

  • Bayek: Very well. Now Jibade will meet my blade.

Inside the fortress, Bayek heard Jibade talking with an Egyptian Soldier.

  • Egyptian Soldier: The fort commander is still unwillingly to join us.
  • Jibade: Soon more soldiers will arrive. We'll outnumber him four to one! He'll have to give in.
  • Egyptian Soldier: He'll try to hold out his fortress. We'll impose a siege and starve them out.
  • Jibade: Excellent Idea.
  • Jibade: Any news from Siwa?
  • Egyptian Soldier: No. I've sent a patrol to establish contact. Captain Andras is probably busy burning the bodies.
  • Jibade: If the rumor is true, the object from Siwa will give us the power to make all Egypt ours.
  • Egyptian Soldier: I confess I'm uncomfortable with forcing Egyptian troops to join us. I swore alliance to Cleopatra just as this general has.
  • Jibade: Don't be an idiot. This man's allegiance is for sale. Enough troops to intimidate him and he'll be happy with the price. Wait patiently, commander.
  • Egyptian Soldier: I'll release extra rations of beer in the meantime. Good for morale.
  • Bayek: So much for their bribery.

If Bayek is exposed, Jibade shouts to him.

  • Jibade: You'll get nothing from me.
  • Jibade: It wasn't coercion, it was liberation!
  • Jibade: We only mean to bring glory to Egypt!

Bayek finished Jibade, making sure he breathed no more.

  • Bayek: Very well. I've done what I can. Now I will see Otis in Alexandria. He may have found out what this is all about.
Incoming Threat004(Jabidi death)

Jibade's body (green one) along with his guards'.

Bayek traveled to Alexandria and found out that soldiers were patrolling Otis' house.

  • Bayek: What are all these soldiers doing here?

Bayek entered Otis' house, finding out a massacre scene.

  • Bayek: What has happened here?

Bayek killed the remaining soldiers and approached to a body lying on the floor.

  • Bayek: This body. I fear it is Otis.

Bayek examined the body.

  • Bayek: Wearing the robes of a scribe. It is indeed Otis, poor man. Signs of torture, some tried to make him talk.

Bayek inspected the crime scene.

  • Bayek: Poor girl. One of the servants.
  • Bayek: Scrolls about the palace budget, nothing of interest.
  • Bayek: Letters and papers from the Royal Palace, nothing of use here.

Bayek went to the second floor.

  • Bayek: This is Otis' blood. He tried to flee.
  • Bayek: They were determined to leave no witnesses.
  • Bayek: He was attacked in his sleep.
  • Bayek: This jar has something in it.

With a single hit, Bayek broke the jar.

  • Bayek: Hidden notes. Must be important.
Incoming Threat012(Hidden notes)

Otis' hidden notes.

Bayek reads the notes.

  • Otis' notes: I hope you won't have to read this, because if you do, it means I'm probably dead. I'm in too deep and I've compromised myself. I do believe I've found what this is all about and it's bigger than I had imagined. An ambitious Roman General named Rufio plans to create a network of Egyptian and Greek collaborators throughout the country. Their goal is to present Rufio as a savior and not a conqueror in order to invade Egypt from within. Fortunately, if you've taken out his allies already, you've cut his most valuable Egyptian connections. He most likely will not abandon his quest... who knows what he'll try next. Please tell Aya I've repaid my debt to her. I wish we could have met you and I. Otis.
  • Bayek: You did a fine work to gather this information, Otis. As you traverse the duat, I swear to you: If I get the chance I will make certain this General Rufio pays.
  • Discoveries so far: The name of the mysterious Roman general behind the attack on the fortress is Ruffio. He was an acolyte of Ceasar 's and is now attempting to manipulate power in the shadows of Cleopatra and Mark Antony. He considers their rule as too lax. He hopes to strengthen his grip on all of Egypt using an object of some sort that may or may not be found in Siwa. I addition to Siwa, he has designs on the Sinai Peninsula. A rebel leader there named Gamilat has given me proof of this. It is my hope that Siwa will be spared from General Rufio's wickedness...


Bayek assassinated Andras and Jibade, cutting the Egyptian connections of a man making a plan to destroy Cleopatra's rule. After finding out Otis' dead body and his notes, Bayek learns the name of the man responsible and the next phase of his plan: The Sinai Peninsula.



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