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In the Wolf's Lair was a virtual representation of one of Ratonhnhaké:ton's genetic memories, relived by Desmond Miles in 2012 through the Animus.


After having mostly liberated the eastern district of New York, Connor met Jacob Zenger in the tavern to end the martial law in the city.


  • Jacob: We were just discussing the result of your work. It seems these military men are after you.
  • Connor: I have caught their attention.
  • Jacob: It does make our goals harder to achieve. The man we're after has gone into hiding, protected by his soldiers.
  • Connor: We fight our way in, then.
  • Jacob: Not possible, even for a man of your abilities. But I have another – less conventional – idea. You will be our prisoner and we shall present you for the bounty.
In the Wolf's Lair 3

A disguised Duncan Little and Clipper Wilkinson escorting Connor

Connor was escorted onto the Templar leader's ship by his recruits, disguised as British Regulars.

  • Soldier 1: That him? Doesn't look like much.
  • Soldier 2: Doesn't matter now does it? The commander'll have his way with him. I wish I could be there to see.
  • Soldier 3: Look at that! They got the lout! Well done, mate.
  • Soldier 4: You're gonna get what's coming to you half-breed.

The Templar leader was giving a speech.

  • Templar: People! Bear witness to what happens to rebels in my part of New York. These men defied the curfew set in place for safety. They assaulted his majesty's soldiers and conspired against the authority of the military. Such blatant disregard for protocol, designed to protect the citizens of New York, will be punished by death. We seek not to control you, to oppress you, we seek only to ensure your safety in the face of conflict and aggression. The civilians of New York must be protected at all costs, no matter their allegiance. It seems these three men sought to jeopardize your wellbeing. I will not tolerate it.
In the Wolf's Lair 5

Jacob thanking Connor for the help

Connor's group dropped the pretense and killed the Templar leader.

  • Jacob: That man. He thought what he was doing was right.
  • Connor: He did. As do his brothers.
  • Jacob: Who was he, really?
  • Connor: There are powerful organizations who seek control, nothing more. This man belonged to one.
  • Jacob: It does not surprise me. I don't know who you are but if you should need my help, I am happy to give it.


Connor fully liberated eastern New York and recruited Jacob Zenger into the Assassin Order.



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