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In the Midst of Chaos was a virtual representation of one of Kassandra's genetic memories, relived by Layla Hassan through the Portable Animus HR-8.5.


Kassandra helped Demosthenes to recover Spartan seals.


  • Kassandra: I'll get you your seals.
  • Demosthenes: Thank you.
  • Kassandra: First, I have some questions.

(If players choose "Who do you admire?")

  • Kassandra: Who does a general like you look up to?
  • Demosthenes: You know who was a true hero?
  • Kassandra: I'm guessing you're about to tell me.
  • Demosthenes: Odysseus . He used his wits to triumph. Wily Odysseus, they call him. Without him, the Trojan war would have been lost. And the other generals understood that.

(If players choose "What do you see in your future?")

  • Kassandra: What do you think your future holds?
  • Demosthenes: Victory or death. You don't stay a general for long if you don't win battles.
  • Kassandra: I suppose many generals die on the field.
  • Demosthenes: Not the majority. The Athenian people are the greatest threat to a general's life. If you displease them, they'll remove you from office. Ostracize you. Or even condemn you to death.
  • Kassandra: And you want this job?
  • Demosthenes: There is no greater purpose than the glory of Athens. It's my duty and my honor.

(If players choose "Why are you always here?")

  • Kassandra: Why is it I always find you here?
  • Demosthenes: Athena is the goddess of wisdom. And war. What better place for a general to ask for blessings?
  • Kassandra: You don't seem very devout to me.
  • Demosthenes: I'm not the first general in my family. My father was as well, and his father before him.
  • Kassandra: You would have learned military thinking from a young age.
  • Demosthenes: Exactly. My grandfather brought me here when I was a child. He stood me here and told me Athena was our patron. That we must always offer her our respect on the eve of war.
  • Kassandra: He sounds like a wise man.
  • Demosthenes: He was. He died in battle the next day.
  • Kassandra: You come here to remember him.
  • Demosthenes: And to remember that though the gods may be our patrons, they will not always protect us.

(Leave - "I have what I need.")

  • Kassandra: I know enough.

(If players already have the seals.)

  • Kassandra: Since you're being so polite, I already have them.
  • Demosthenes: And the other generals dare to doubt me! There's no way Neon can take credit for this one.
  • Kassandra: He's taken credit before?
  • Demosthenes: You could say that. However, I'm the one who hired you. I have more work for you, if you're ready.

Kassandra returns with the seals.

  • Demosthenes: Do you have my seals yet?
  • Kassandra: Why yes, I do.
  • Demosthenes: Good. The Spartans will soon realize someone is picking off their senior commanders.
  • Kassandra: Probably, but they haven't caught me yet.
  • Demosthenes: Interested in more work?

(Dialogue continues to start the next quest.)


Kassandra helped Lysander recover three more polemarch seals and was rewarded with his hood.


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