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In Vino Veritas was a virtual representation of one of Aveline de Grandpré's genetic memories.


With her investigation in the Louisiana Bayou having been largely fruitless, Aveline returned to Gérald Blanc and thought up a plan with him to lure governor Antonio de Ulloa out of La Balize.


Aveline entered the warehouse, where she spoke with Gérald.

  • Gérald: Aveline, you are er... unhappy? What did you find?
  • Aveline: Too much and not enough. The Spanish are behind the kidnappings... But... the kidnapped seem to... look forward to their transit—to where I don't know. No one at the fort could tell me.
  • Gérald: The directive must come straight from the er... top—from Gouverneur (Governor) Ulloa. Is this why he hides in La Balize instead of coming to the city and leading like a proper leader? What is his true purpose here?
  • Aveline: I don't know, but I intend to find out.
  • Gérald: That will be difficult as long as he stays couched in La Balize—
  • Aveline: I'll drive him out and make him answer.
  • Gérald: Interrogation is not your er... usual style.
  • Aveline: This is not a "usual" circumstance.
  • Gérald: Good. Then let us gather our unusual circumstances to plan our er... attack. This Spanish "gouverneur" has placed so many restrictions on trade, even plantation owners are practically "begging" for an excuse to riot.
  • Aveline: If I can infiltrate the crowd, I can create that excuse.

Dressed as a slave, Aveline followed Gérald to the Place d'Armes, where she incited a large-scale riot. She then joined Gérald near the Saint Louis Cathedral.

In Vino Veritas 3

Gérald informing Aveline of the gunpowder delivery

  • Gérald: I've received a very er... exciting piece of intelligence: a gunpowder delivery! It's on its way to a city outpost—unless we uh... intercept it.
  • Aveline: I'm not dressed for interception. Do I have time to change?
  • Gérald: Yes. Assume your true guise, get your weapons, and we'll go.
  • Aveline: We? You're coming too? You do realize it might get dangerous.
  • Gérald: Yes, well... someone needs to navigate...
  • Aveline: Dressed like that? Gérald I—
  • Gérald: Aveline, I'll have you know, I'm not... afraid to get my hands dirty! Why should you have all the excitement?
  • Aveline: I didn't know you wanted—
  • Gérald: I know what you think. Blanc the Sensible. Blanc the Boring. I'm more than just an accountant, Aveline!
  • Aveline: Very well. You're a navigator too. A regular Magellan.

Aveline changed into her Assassin uniform and met with Gérald again.

  • Gérald: There is the carriage. You know what to do with the guards. I'll wait here.

As expected, Aveline killed the guards and took the carriage. While Gérald made to join her, more guards spotted them.

In Vino Veritas 6

Aveline and Gérald driving the gunpowder carriage

  • Guard: They're stealing the gunpowder! Stop them! Stop them!
  • Aveline: Hurry!
  • Gérald: The road ahead is blocked. Turn right.
  • Aveline: Where are we going?
  • Gérald: Near the docks. Turn right, here. Left! Left! Left! That was close!
  • Aveline: You want the reins?
  • Gérald: Aaaah! Right, right! That's it. Turn right again!
  • Aveline: Hold on to your hat!
  • Gérald: I'm not wearing one! Straight ahead! Go left! No! Your uh... other left! Turn right. No! Go left! Go left! Left at the next intersection. Go left!
  • Aveline: I can't! What now?

With their carriage on fire, Aveline and Gérald rode onto the Place d'Armes.

  • Aveline: Merde! (Shit) On the horse! Now!
  • Gérald: What?
  • Aveline: Jump!

Aveline jumped onto the horse, with Gérald losing his balance and landing roughly on the ground as their carriage crashed into a nearby winery.

In Vino Veritas 8

Aveline fighting the Spanish guards

  • Rioter: Help, help! The warehouse is on fire! The roof will collapse.
  • Rioter: —can't get out! Help! Help!
  • Rioter: A l'aide! On va mourir! (Oh God! We're gonna die!)

Aveline killed the Spanish guards that had been trapping the rioters inside.

  • Rioter: Merci! Merci! (Thank you! Thank you!)

Outside, Aveline met with Gérald.

  • Gérald: Well... I think we got their attention. A terrible waste of wine, mind you...
  • Aveline: Spanish wine makes better floor polish anyway. Now to get Ulloa out of La Balize!
  • Gérald: I... suggest we er... regroup... at the Warehouse to uh... strategize.
  • Aveline: Enough excitement for one day, Gérald?
  • Gérald: Yes, I think that should last me nicely. Thank you.


Aveline and Gérald managed to incite a riot, following which they attempted to intercept a gunpowder delivery, but accidentally crashed it into a winery. After saving the civilians trapped inside, Aveline met with Gérald again and agreed to regroup at the warehouse to plan their next move.


  • The name of this memory is a Latin phrase, meaning "in wine (there is the) truth".



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