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In Safe Hands was a virtual representation of one of Nikolai Orelov's genetic memories, relived by a research analyst at Abstergo Entertainment through the Helix Navigator.


After learning that Anastasia's life was in danger, Nikolai was forced to betray his Assassin brothers to save her.


  • Sergei: Nikolai! I've been told what's happened. It is incredible you have made it this far. I see the girl. Where is the box?
  • Orelov: Here.
  • Anastasia: You're Sergei? Can you cure me?
  • Sergei: I can't, child, but our mentor might. I'll take you to him.
  • Orelov: Let's go.
  • Sergei: You have to go to the bureau, Nikolai. You need to report everything you've seen.
  • Anastasia: What?
  • Orelov: Sergei, I gave the child my word...
  • Sergei: She is safe now, Nikolai. She is with us. No harm will come to her.
  • Anastasia: I'll be fine, Kolya.
  • Orelov: They'll take good care of you. I won't be far... And I will return, as soon as I can.

Nikolai left Anastasia go with Sergei and went to the bureau, where he overheard a talk between two Assassins.

  • Assassin 1: The Romanov girl? That's who they're bringing to the Kremlin?
  • Assassin 2: Yes. She has been imprinted with past memories. She's like a living Precursor artifact!
  • Assassin 1: So what will they do?
  • Assassin 2: Try to extract those memories, I suppose. She'll never survive the procedure.
  • Assassin 1: Good riddance, then. About time she joined her kin in the grave.
  • Orelov: No! They can't do that to her. She didn't ask for this to happen. It's my fault. I have to stop this!

An Assassin approached Nikolai.

  • Orelov: Good evening, comrade.

Nikolai striked the Assassin and grabbed him.

  • Orelov: Where's the girl? Which facility? TALK!
  • Assassin 3: The Kremlin! Next to Tsarskaya tower and the tram station!

Nikolai knocked the Assassin out.

  • Orelov: Tsarskaya hideout? I know this place.
  • Assassin 4: How did she get that way, anyway?
  • Assassin 5: I don't know. Something about that box they've been after for centuries.
  • Assassin 4: This Precursor stuff is dangerous. It's a good job the Templars haven't managed to lay hands on any of it yet.
  • Assassin 5: You're telling me. Imagine if they got their hands on a Precursor temple.

Nikolai made his way to outside of the bureau, but noticed that the door was locked.

  • Orelov: Damn! The door is locked. One of these guards must have the key.

Nikolai reached the ground floor.

  • Assassin 6: Where did you say you were from, originally?
  • Assassin 7: Omsk. A long way from here.
  • Assassin 6: Isn't that where the Anti-Bolsheviks have set up power now?
  • Assassin 7: I had heard that... But I don't really listen out for any news of it.
  • Assassin 6: Wouldn't you ever go back?
  • Assassin 7: White Forces aside, in a box, maybe... They'd have to shoot me before I'd ever set foot there again.
  • Assassin 6: Why? Can't be that much worse than anywhere else, surely?
  • Assassin 7: Go there and see for yourself. It's just a mix of those wanting to get rich at any price and those who don't belong anywhere else.
  • Assassin 6: The 'getting rich' part doesn't sound so bad...
  • Assassin 7: If you can keep hold of it. The times are changing fast... The Empire is gone now.

Nikolai managed to leave the bureau, and found two Assassins running towards the opposite direction.

  • Orelov: I'm out. Now, I must find Anya.
  • Assassin 8: Nikolai! Come with us!
  • Orelov: Sorry, brothers, this doesn't concern you.

Nikolai noticed a phone line.

  • Orelov: If I can slow down the news, I may get to the outpost without having to fight my own.

Nikolai sabotaged three phone lines.

  • Orelov: There. It won't last forever, maybe enought for me to reach the Kremlin.

Nikolai proceeded and boarded on a tram, complimenting an Assassin along the way.

  • Orelov: What's going on, brother?

Nikolai reached the tram station.

  • Assassin 9: Orders are to shoot Orelov on sight, he's betrayed the order.
  • Orelov: This is all your fault, Sergei. One word from you and they're all turning against me, ready to kill a brother in arms. If I have to fight your brothers, I will.
  • Assassin 10: Did you hear? Orelov's gone rogue?
  • Assassin 11: What do you mean? He was always a bit off since his kid died.

Nikolai noticed a truck.

  • Orelov: If I can catch that truck, it might take me to Anya. Only if.
  • Assassin 12: Any sign of Orelov?

Nikolai sneaked on the truck and rode it until the street.

  • Orelov: Brothers or not... They have gone too far this time.

Nikolai reached another guarded street.

  • Orelov: More spotlights and snipers. I can't let them see me.

Nikolai traversed the street and entered the sewers.

  • Orelov: Yes, it's still here. That should bring me directly inside the courtyard.
  • Assassin 13: Why would Orelov come down here? This place stinks.
  • Assassin 14: What better place to hide, though? And anyway, the Master said to check everywhere, and we have the streets well-guarded.
  • Assassin 13: We won't catch him down here.
  • Assassin 14: But if we did, then we would never be guarding a sewer again.
  • Assassin 13: Well... Let's hope we catch him before we catch anything else...

Nikolai left the sewers and spotted Ilia leaving the hideout.

  • Orelov: Ilia... at least one man I can trust.
  • Ilia: Kolya! What are you doing? Do you want to get killed?
  • Orelov: They plan on killing the girl, Ilia, you know I can't let that happen.
  • Ilia: Kolya... you can't save everyone... The whole country is at war.
  • Orelov: Maybe. But I can save her.
  • Ilia: Here, the lab's code.

Ilia handed Nikolai the code and left.

  • Orelov: Spasibo, Ilia.

Nikolai raced to a truck and managed to board it.

  • Orelov: This is not the Creed I swore to uphold. Hold on, Anastasia. Find the strength I know you have. I'm coming!


Nikolai made his way to the Kremlin, while the Assassins were alerted about his treachery.



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