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In Protest was a virtual representation of one of Bayek's genetic memories, relived by Layla Hassan through the Portable Animus HR-8.


Bayek meets a widow who asks him to find a stolen war chariot and destroy it.


Bayek visited Mareia Port, where he found a woman in distress.

  • Europa: Pardon, neb, I cannot sell any chariots today... By Serapis, I cannot believe my eyes! That looks like a Medjay badge.

Bayek approached the woman.

  • Europa: Please forgive me. For a moment I thought you wore the sign of the Medjay, the lost protectors.
  • Bayek: I do. I am. What pains you, nebet?
  • Europa: My heart is broken. My truest friend, my husband, Eryx, has been murdered.
  • Bayek: Tell me what happened.
  • Europa: He was renowned for his work. A soldier ordered him to build war chariots for the Pharaoh. He was happy to do so. But when the soldier returned to collect, he only offered to pay half the agreed price. Eryx refused, and the soldier cut him down and stole the chariot. If you are truly a Medjay, will you help me to get justice? Find the soldier and destroy the war chariot, so he may not insult my husband's memory!
  • Bayek: I can do that for you.

Bayek travelled to the Anthylla Outpost.

  • Soldier 1: Shame the captain killed the chariot maker. His work was masterful.
  • Soldier 2: Don't cry for these mouthy peasants.
  • Soldier 1: No, I was just saying… Do you think his widow is still running their shop?
  • Soldier 2: Why? Do you fancy her? You into short, older women?
  • Soldier 1: She's a handsome woman!
  • Soldier 2: Yes, well, good luck convincing her to let you into her bed while we ride around in the chariot her dead husband built.
  • Soldier 1: When does the next patrol head out?
  • Soldier 2: Soon I think.

Bayek stole then destroyed the chariot.

  • Bayek: It is done. A sacrifice made to honor the builder who was cut down.

Bayek returned to the woman.

  • Europa: Honorable Medjay, what news do you bring?
  • Bayek: I have destroyed the war chariot that Eryx made, and was stolen by the vile captain of Anthylla. Your husband's memory is restored.


Bayek helped the woman to hunt down her husband's killer and destroyed the war chariot so that his memory would not be insulted.


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