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Imprisoned was a virtual representation of one of Arno Dorian's genetic memories, relived by a Helix initiate through the Helix Navigator.


Framed for the murder of François de la Serre, Arno was imprisoned in the Bastille.


As Hubert de Solages played La Folia, Auguste Tavernier was being escorted by two guards.

  • Tavernier: No! It... it wasn't me, Damiens wielded the knife! Please, have mercy!

In the meantime Arno was dragged towards a cell, passing by Jacques-François-Xavier de Whyte, who spoke in Latin, believing himself to be Julius Caesar.

  • Whyte: Gallia est omnis divisa in partres tres. (All Gaul is divided into three parts.)

Arno and the guards passed the Marquis de Sade, who stood naked in his cell, shouting through the window.

  • De Sade: They're killing us! Oh God have mercy, they're killing the prisoners in here!
  • Guard 1: That's enough of that, you degenerate!

De Sade laughed in response, while Arno was thrown into a cell.

  • Arno: Where am I?
  • Guard 1: In hell.

Arno passed out, waking up shortly after, and found himself in a cell with four other men. He spotted a wall painted with unusual symbols. He then approached one of the prisoners.

  • Bellec: Don't bother me, boy.
    If you snore, I'll strangle you in your sleep. That's fair warning.
    What are you staring at, pisspot?
    From where I'm sitting, I could kill you seven ways. Twelve if I had a spoon.

Arno approached Bernard Laroche, one of the prisoners.

  • Laroche: Welcome to your new home.
    You should feel honored. These days, the Bastille is reserved for madmen, deviants, and traitors.
    So the question is: did you kill someone important, or fuck someone important?
    Not that it makes much difference now. Here we're all well and truly fucked.
    Forget about escape. It's a fool's dream.

Arno went to the cell door, calling out to the guards.

  • Arno: Hello! I must speak to someone!
    Open this door!
  • Bellec: Scream all you like. No one cares.
  • Arno: I must speak with Élise de la Serre! Do you hear me? Élise de la Serre!
    Élise! Bring Élise to me!
    I'm no killer!
  • Bellec: You're wasting your time.
  • De Sade: Oh God! It's inhuman! The blood! So much blood!
    They're killing everyone! Oh god! Help us!

Arno then went to sleep. After waking up, he saw the rude prisoner holding his watch.

Bellec taunting Arno

  • Bellec: Where did you come by this, pisspot?
  • Arno: I'm in no mood for this. Give it back.

As Arno tried to take the watch, the prisoner flipped him over, knocking him to the floor.

  • Bellec: Take it back. If you think you can.

The prisoner handed Arno a wooden training sword, and the two dueled.

  • Spectators: I've got five on the new blood!
    Let's see some blood!
    Give him what for!
    Hit him!
    Get the bastard!
    Let's go!
    Fight! Fight! Fight!
    Ha ha ha!
    Dance, boy! Dance!
    Make him bleed!
    Ten livres on the old man!

As Arno and the prisoner fought, the latter taunted the former.

  • Bellec: Pathetic.
    My grandmother hits harder than that and she's Belgian!
    What's the matter, my delicate flower? Did I hurt your feelings?
    Stop wasting my time, pisspot!

Arno was able to knock out the prisoner's tooth.

Arno dueling Bellec

  • Bellec: Well struck, pisspot! Let's see if your defense is as good!

The two fought again, with Arno practicing parrying.

  • Bellec: So much effort for a broken antique.
  • Arno: The only broken antique in here is flapping his idiot jaw!
  • Bellec: Say that again!
  • Arno: I've nothing more to say, old man!

Arno eventually bested the prisoner.

  • Arno: Give me what's mine and go back to your crazy drawings, old man.
  • Bellec: Drawings?
  • Arno: These here! Everywhere! Scribbled like chicken scratches all over this cell!

Looking at the wall, Arno discovered that the drawings had disappeared.

  • Arno: Where...?

The prisoner grabbed Arno and took him further towards the wall.

  • Bellec: Come here, you little pisspot.
  • Arno: Get your hands off me!
  • Bellec: Look at the wall.
  • Arno: What are you doing-
  • Bellec: Concentrate. Concentrate!

Using Eagle Vision, Arno was able to see the symbols again.

Arno looking at the symbols

  • Arno: What are they?
  • Bellec: Messages from the past. I had myself thrown into half the prisons in Paris in search of these. What's your name, boy?
  • Arno: Arno. Arno Victor Dorian.
  • Bellec: Dorian... Of course! Pierre Bellec. I knew your father.

Bellec gave Arno his watch back.

  • Arno: Bully for you.
  • Bellec: He died at Versailles. It would have been, what? '76? '77? December, as I recall. No witnesses.
  • Arno: How did you-?
  • Bellec: Your father was an Assassin, Arno. He gave his life fighting for the liberty of all mankind. You stick with me, and you might just live long enough to join the Brotherhood, honor your father's memory.
  • Arno: Listen, I'm sure your little cult is a delightful bunch, but I'm not interested. The only thing I care about is finding Élise.
  • Bellec: And how are you planning on doing that from in here?

Bellec held up one of the training swords, and Arno nodded. Two months later, Bellec and Arno were still training, while a great commotion was taking place outside.

  • Bellec: Again!

Distracted by the noise outside, Arno was disarmed by Bellec.

  • Arno: Ow!
  • Bellec: Focus, pisspot!
  • Arno: What the hell is going on out there?
  • Bellec: Citizens are restless. Keep an ear open - opportunity might just come knocking soon.

Pushing one of the prisoners aside, Arno looked out the window, seeing a large crowd and hearing a loud noise.

Citizens rioting outside the Bastille

  • Arno: That was cannon fire.
  • Bellec: Sometimes opportunity sounds a lot like cannon fire.
  • Guard 2: Secure the prisoners!
  • Bellec: Follow my lead.
    Unless you'd prefer to rot here for the rest of your life.
    We haven't got all day!

As the guards entered the cell, Arno and Bellec hid in a corridor.

  • Guard 3: Prisoners, up against the wall!
  • Prisoner: On whose authority?
  • Laroche: I told you this was going to end badly.
  • Guard 3: Silence!
  • Guard 2: Stay back!

The guards drew their swords.

  • Bellec: Now!

Emerging from their cover, Bellec and Arno approached the guards from behind and took them out. Bellec gave Arno one the guards' swords.

  • Bellec: Right. Let's get out of this shithole.

Spotting guards ahead of them, Bellec and Arno ran through the hallway on the right.

  • Guard 4: You there! Halt!
  • Bellec: Come on, pisspot! Run like you mean it! No matter what happens, stay close.

One of the guards closed Tavernier's cell door.

Arno and Bellec escaping their cell

  • Tavernier: Let me out of here! Hold on, Damiens! I'm coming! Death to the tyrant!

Arno and Bellec reached a locked door.

  • Bellec: It's locked. Keep them off me for a bit, pisspot. If one of them stabs me, I'll haunt you to an early grave.

As Bellec picked the lock, Arno held off the guards.

  • Arno: Bellec? Is the door open?
  • Bellec: Not quite.
  • Arno: We have a problem.
  • Bellec: Find a solution!
  • Arno: Lovely.
  • Bellec: Come on, pisspot, put your back into it!
    I could handle these bastards in my sleep!
    Put that training to use!
    Are you fighting 'm or serving 'm tea?
  • Arno: In your own time!
    Any time now!
    No no, no need to rush on my account!
    By all means, take your time!
    You've got to be kidding.
  • Bellec: Got it! Let's go, pisspot!
  • Guard 5: What the hell is de Launay thinking? Why doesn't he fire?

Arno and Bellec ran into two guards.

  • Guard 6: Hold the line! Don't let them in!

To hurry their escape, Bellec threw a smoke bomb.

  • Bellec: Out the window! Come on!

Jumping through the window, Arno and Bellec witnessed a crowd attacking the Bastille's garrison in the courtyard below them.

  • Bellec: Quickly! While the crowd has them occupied!

Bellec and Arno freeran to higher ground, while cannon fire was heard.

  • Bellec: They're getting bloody serious out there!
    This way!

Bellec kicked open a door, revealing several guards on the other side.

  • Guard 7: Fire! Fire, damn you!
    Stop the prisoners!
    Prisoners, halt!
    Stop right there!
  • Guard 8: Nowhere to run, prisoners!
    Give up, there's nowhere to run!
  • Guard 9: Back in your cells!
    Throw down your weapons!
    Drop your weapons!

Arno and Bellec killed all of the guards.

  • Arno: Where now?
  • Bellec: Up.
  • Arno: Brilliant. And how do we get down again?
  • Bellec: Trust me.

Bellec and Arno climbed up onto the battlements.

  • Bellec: This way!
    Come on!
  • Guard 10: I surrender! I surrender!
  • Bellec: Through here!

Bellec and Arno reached a hole in the fortress wall, leading down to the river below.

  • Bellec: What are you waiting for, pisspot? It's time to jump!
  • Arno: What? Prison has scrambled your brains, old man!
  • Bellec: Drink took care of that a long time ago. Now get up here!
  • Arno: -I can't... that's impossible!
  • Bellec: Impossible! That's the purview of every Assassin, boy!

Bellec giving Arno a medallion

Bellec handed Arno a medallion.

  • Bellec: If you can pluck your head out of your own arse, come find us. You'd make a great fit! Goodbye, pisspot.

Bellec performed a Leap of Faith into the river. A group of guards ran towards Arno.

  • Guard 11: You! Back away from the ledge!
  • Arno: (Shit).

With nowhere to run, Arno performed a Leap of Faith into the river. Days later, he made his way to the de la Serre estate in search of Élise.

  • Arno: Élise?

Élise held Arno at gunpoint, before realizing it was him.

  • Arno: That's some welcome.
  • Élise: One can't be too careful. Not after what happened.
  • Arno: Élise, I-
  • Élise: Haven't you done enough to repay my father's kindness?

Arno reasoning with Élise

  • Arno: Élise, please. You can't believe I killed (Mister) De La Serre. Your father... he wasn't the man you thought he was. Neither of our fathers were.
  • Élise: I know exactly who my father was, Arno. And I know who yours was. I suppose it was inevitable. You an Assassin, me a Templar....
  • Arno: You...?
  • Élise: Does that shock you? My father always meant for me to follow in his footsteps. Now all I can do is avenge him.
  • Arno: I swear to you I had nothing to do with his death!
  • Élise: But you did.
  • Arno: No. No! By my life, I swear I didn't-

Élise handed a letter to Arno.

  • Arno: Is that...
  • Élise: A letter intended for my father the day he was murdered. Read it.
  • Letter: Grand Master De La Serre,
    I have learned through my agents that an individual within our Order plots against you. I beg you to be on your guard at the initiation tonight. Trust no one. Not even those you call friends.
    May the Father of Understanding guide you,
  • Élise: I found that on the floor of my father's room. Unopened.
  • Arno: I didn't know.
  • Élise: Neither did my father.
  • Arno: How could I have known?
  • Élise: Just go. Please.

Arno left the house. Drinking a bottle of wine on a rooftop near the Notre-Dame, Arno looked at his watch. Putting it away, he took the medallion he had received from Bellec. Using his Eagle Vision, Arno saw a floral symbol on it.

  • Arno: What the devil is this supposed to mean?


The Bastille was stormed by the revolutionaries, and Arno escaped imprisonment. After learning about his unwitting role in his stepfather's death, Arno decided to seek out the Assassin Order.




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