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Illusory Words was an altered representation of a fragmented genetic memory.


William of Montferrat greatly wishes to be called to the field to support Richard's army, but we need him in Acre so Altaïr can launch his attack. If the city is threatened, Montferrat will be forced to remain in there.

We have traveled to Acre under the guidance of Al Mualim. We will forge a missive alleging of an impending attack on the city walls and place it within the chambers of King Richard's steward. Montferrat will be forced to remain, and Altaïr will have his target.


The Levantine Assassins met Al Mualim outside King Richard's citadel.

  • Levantine Assassin 1: Here! King Richard's citadel. Remember Al-Mualim's orders...

The Assassins recalled Al Mualim's earlier conversation with them.

  • Levantine Assassin 2: You called for us, Mualim?
  • Al Mualim: Yes, my children. Your brother Altaïr will soon travel to Acre, and the forces arrayed against him there are ferocious.
  • Levantine Assassin 2: Brother Altaïr has never needed support before. Will we not get in the way?
  • Al Mualim: There is more at stake than a few dead Templars, my children. Altaïr will need your help.
  • Levantine Assassin 2: Of course, Mualim.
  • Al Mualim: Your first task is to ensure that William de Montferrat remains within the city. You must find a way to make the Templars think his presence is crucial...
  • Levantine Assassin 2: Understood. We shall leave at once.

The flashback ended.

  • Levantine Assassin 1: I have concocted a false report requiring Montferrat's attention. Quickly, we must sneak in and place the forgery where Richard's steward will find it!

The Levantine Assassins made their way through the citadel, evading or eliminating any Crusaders they encountered until they reached the office of Richard's clerk, where they planted the document on his desk.

  • Levantine Assassin 1: The forgery is placed. Let's get out of here.


The Levantine Assassins planted a forged report in King Richard's citadel to delay William of Montferrat.


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