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Ilkhanate Captain was an altered representation of one of Nergüi's genetic memories, relived by a research analyst at Abstergo Entertainment through the Animus.


First dialogue

  • Qulan: Nergüi. A word, please.
  • Nergüi: Of course.
  • Qulan: Your skill was never in question. But, as you well know, our Mentor has his concerns over your impatience.
  • Nergüi: I am aware of my mistakes, and I intend to never repeat them.
  • Qulan: As you have demonstrated over these past few years. I believe that it is time to leave your title of Apprentice behind, and to induct you into the Assassins.
  • Nergüi: I would be honored.
  • Qulan: The honor is not yet given. You must complete a task first.
  • Nergüi: What sort of task?
  • Qulan: A test of skill, strength, and discretion. And also patience.
  • Nergüi: What would you have me to do?
  • Qulan: Travel to Samarkand, in Transoxiana. Ögedei Khan recently sent a tumen there to reinforce his control over the city. Track this group, and eliminate their Captain.
  • Nergüi: I'm to face an entire tumen?
  • Qulan: Such is our role, Nerkaa. The few of us must stand against very many. The tumen is spread thin across the city. You should be able to find a way to their leader without facing them all.
  • Nergüi: How should I go about this?
  • Qulan: This is your task and yours alone. I cannot give you any counsel. But I am confident you possess the skills and knowledge to see it through.
  • Nergüi: Then it will be done.
  • Qulan: I look forward to your safe return.


  • Qulan: I see you bear the marks of battle. Did you emerge the victor?
  • Nergüi: No, Qulan Gal. I have failed.
  • Qulan: You still breathe, so you have not truly failed. Rest and recover, then return to your task.


  • Qulan: Ah, Nergüi, you have returned to us. And of your mission?
  • Nergüi: I have done as you asked. The Mongol Captain in Samarkand lives no longer.
  • Qulan: Good. I am glad you have succeeded in your task. Come, let us speak to the Mentor. He will bestow upon you the title of Assassin, and present you with a gift.
  • Nergüi: What gift?
  • Qulan: The weapon of the Assassins; your own hidden blade.
  • Nergüi: I will wear it with pride.


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