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Iðunn was an Isu who was later revered as the goddess of youth and rejuvenation in Norse mythology. According to the Poetic Edda, she was the caretaker of the orchard of the golden apples, fruit which ensured the gods' vigor and immortality.


Iðunn's name is sometimes anglicized as Idun, Idunn,[5] or Iduna.[6] Some of her epithets include "Bride of Spring" and "Queen of Birth".[5]


As goddess of youth, Iðunn was often associated with apples. She was the wife of Bragi and was said to grand eternal youth to the other gods.[6]


Idunn created the silver rings that encircled the Nine Realms, and her apples amplified the hugr on all creatures.[7]

In Asgard, Havi stumbled across a letter addressed to Iðunn on an altar adorned with apples, saying Tricksters would try to steal her Gift of Youth. Behind the altar, Havi found a small house overlooking a cliff where many apples lay alongside a letter to Loki, indicating that he indeed had stolen the apples.[8]

As the Great Catastrophe approached, Idunn and the other eight Norse Isu uploaded their DNA data into Yggdrasil to be later redistributed into the human gene pool.[9] Millennia later, Idunn was successfully reincarnated as Gull.[10][4]

Legacy and influence

In the 9th century, the Vikings Eivor Varinsdottir, Dag Nithisson, and Tora Auzoux launched a counter-attack against Kjotve the Cruel's forces who were raiding the settlement of Rygjafylke. After fighting off the raiders, Eivor investigated a sound coming from inside a building and was attacked by the tattooed slave Gull.Cite error: Closing </ref> missing for <ref> tag

In 2012 Clay Kaczmarek included James Doyle Penrose's painting of Idun and the Apples in a set of puzzles he'd hidden within the Animus for Desmond Miles to find. In Clay's puzzle, it was suggested that Iðunn's golden apples were in truth Apples of Eden.[11]




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