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Idol Hands was a visual representation of one of Bayek's genetic memories, relived by Layla Hassan through the Portable Animus HR-8.


Doing Amun's work isn't easy. If it isn't bandits, it's crocodiles testing the resolve of two hapless priests. Luckily Bayek is on hand to help.


While in the swamps of the Theban Necropolis, Bayek came across a priest stuck atop one of the Colossi of Memnon.

  • Sab: Help! Stay away children of Sobek. Return to the chaos waters! Why does the Rager punish me?

Bayek climbed up the statue to speak to the priest.

  • Bayek: You climbed all the way up here?
  • Sab: Amun granted his poor servant strength. How else could I escape the Rager's sons? But it is all for nothing, I deserted my friend. Another priest of the Lord of Truth!
  • Bayek: I will get rid of them. Then you can tell me your story.
  • Sab: Yes! Try and shoo them off, the Lord of Strife will not be happy if you shed sacred blood.
  • Bayek: Shoo a crocodile? I... Wait here.

Bayek climbed down the statue and eliminated the crocodiles near the colossi.

  • Sab: Did they leave? Did you convince them?
  • Bayek: Of a sort. Come down!
  • Sab: How? I'll break my neck! No, I must be brave! Mut, consort of the Hidden One, grant your servant... wings!
  • Bayek: Wait! I don't think...

The priest leapt into a nearby pile of leaves and got out.

  • Sab: Did you see me jump? And the haystack! Amun must have spirited it here to break my fall!
  • Bayek: Clearly. So, what are priests of Amun doing this far from Thebes?
  • Sab: Seni, I do not mean to frighten you, but... the dead Pharaohs... they walk.
  • Bayek: So I have heard.
  • Sab: Onnos and I we were to perform a sacred ritual for Amun, reclaim these lands from the curse. But we were attacked by bandits on the road. I am ashamed to say I fled and did not look back.
  • Bayek: You left him?
  • Sab: Do you think they killed Onnos? Amun's plumes they killed Onnos!
  • Bayek: Peace, priest. I will look for him.
  • Sab: We were on our way to the top of the mountain. I will make my way there. Amun's grace he lives. Stay strong, Onnos!

Sab made his way to the top of the mountain.

  • Bayek: Why would bandits risk Amun's wrath?

Bayek travelled southwest in search of Onnos. With Senu's help, he found a priest hiding in a bush.

  • Onnos: Onnos. Amun put you upon the black sands for this purpose. Do not falter now!
ACO Idol Hands 3

Bayek speaking to Onnos

Bayek approached him.

  • Onnos: You will not turn me from my path, seni!
  • Bayek: Onnos?
  • Onnos: By Amun! You know me? Are you real, or a mirage?
  • Bayek: Are we in the desert? No. Your friend Sab sent me to aid you. Come, I will bring you to him.
  • Onnos: I cannot leave Amun's statue in their unwashed hands! I have a plan to rescue it!
  • Onnos: I just need the fresh carcass of a rabbit, some rope, a bandit's garb, a bladder of wine and...
  • Bayek: I will find the statue. Join Sab at the ritual site.
  • Onnos: You are sure? But Thoth has granted me great insight and...
  • Bayek: Go!

Onnos left the place.

  • Bayek: The bandits just wanted the statue. Perhaps they think Amun can protect them from the curse?
ACO Idol Hands 5

Bayek finding the statue of Amun

Bayek travelled to the bandit hideout situated in a nearby cave. He eliminated the bandits and recovered the statue.

  • Bayek: Done. And without the need of dead rabbits and disguises.

Bayek travelled to the top of the mountain, where Sab and Onnos were arguing with each other.

  • Onnos: ...a distraction, perhaps a mountain goat or...
  • Sab: The Lady of Slaughter is angry! her kin will not be deterred by carrion!

Bayek approached them.

  • Onnos: Great mirage returns! You have the statue?
  • Bayek: I do, and you have more problems with animals.
  • Sab: Sekhmet's offspring will sharpen their claws on our bones!
  • Onnos: Simply a pride of hungry lions, but I have a plan, all I need is some twine, a bushel of hay, a shovel to dig a hole and...
  • Bayek: Stay here, and keep quiet.

Bayek walked up to the shrine and eliminated the lions surrounding it. Sab and Onnos approached from behind.

  • Sab: You killed the lions! You truly fight with the wrath of Ra!
  • Onnos: We must start the ritual!
ACO Idol Hands 9

Onnos and Sab performing the ritual

The priests started their ritual infrot of the shrine.

  • Sab: Hail to thee, Amun-Ra, Lord of the thrones of earth, ancient of heaven, father of all things.
  • Onnos: Deliever of those who suffer, you hear their cries and come at their behest.
  • Sab: Lord of wisdom, lord of mercy, opener of every eye, thou whose name is hidden.
  • Onnos: Your people are struck down, terrorized, tormented...
  • Sab: Help us cleanse this land and protect your suppliants. Keep them safe in your shining radiance.


Bayek helped to bring the priests to safety, allowing them to resume their journey to the shrine. He helped them to retrieve the statue of Amun and cleared the shrine of lions, allowing them to conduct their ritual.



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