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The Identity Project was a project created by Abstergo Entertainment. It centered around reliving the genetic memories of Lo Sparviero, an Assassin that was active during the Renaissance of the beginning of the 16th century in Italy, to collect information about the Brotherhood.[1]

This project also added themes from other Animus Projects, such as Pirate[2] and Spanish Inquisition.[3]


From: Abstergo Entertainment
Subject: Welcome to Abstergo

You are now part of the Abstergo Entertainment Animus program, also known as Project Identity.

Please look around and explore the thousands of Memory Fragments at your disposal. These come from real memories collected from volunteers, giving you a unique insight into past events in a way never seen before - right in the palm of your hand.

Abstergo Entertainment is proud to stand by your side for the whole duration of this wonderful new adventure.

And remember:History is in YOUR hands.

Enjoy the game.


ACID Helix mail

The mail of employee



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