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Ide (died 429 BCE) was an elderly woman living in Amphipolis, Makedonia during the 5th century BCE.


During the Peloponnesian War, Ide befriended Natakas, a Persian exile and the son of Darius. They enjoyed each other's company and wine, though Natakas believed this would enrage his father if he ever found out.[1]

At some point, mercenaries hired by the Order of Hunters became more ubiquitous in Amphipolis, which incensed Ide as they were "ruining [her] view", as she put it.[2] She was vocal about her vexation, despite Natakas' worry that she might draw undesirable attention.[1]

In 429 BCE, soldiers from the Ischagoras Military Camp captured Ide and held her captive at their camp. Soon after, the Spartan misthios Kassandra heard her cries for help and freed her.[3]

Kassandra escorted the old lady to safety, at which point Ide suggested she deal with the influx of mercenaries into the region, before joining her in Amphipolis for some wine and to take in the view she enjoyed so much. While Kassandra hunted down Gaia the Fist, Theos the Stargazer and Agis of the North, Ide returned to her home and her view.[2]

Around the same time, Ide received a letter from Natakas, advicing her to stay quiet and safe. This advice came too late: Exadios the Backbreaker seized her moment and killed Ide. The old lady managed to stumble to her 'view' before she collapsed, spiting the mercenaries to her dying breath.[1]

Soon after, Kassandra found her body as another woman explained Ide's fate. Kassandra helped herself to some wine and took in the view, toasting Ide's memory, before hunting down Exadios.[1]




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