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The Ice Field

Ice Field, as the name implies, is an area covered mostly by ice located in the most northern parts of the Arctic Ocean. A giant ice cave is located in the area.

In March 1717, the pirate Alonzo Batilla traveled to an Inuit settlement in the area and discovered that it was surrounded by a French fleet. The villages were being plundered by the French, which led to much infuriation by the Inuit Yakone, a crew member of Batilla.

Alonzo then decided to attack the French fleet, after which its admiral fled. Alonzo tried to pursue the admiral in the ice maze, but eventually lost sight of the ship. After a search through the giant ice cave, the pirate found the admiral. However, a third ship arrived and the pirate hunter Alvaro appeared. Alonzo battled both ships and was able to sink both of the vessels, to much gratitude of Yakone.



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