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This article is about 1st century BCE charioteer. You may be looking for Ikaros.

Icarus (c. 73 BCE – 48 BCE) was a prominent chariot racer and the lead racer of the Prasina Greens who raced in the Lageion Hippodrome during the reign of Ptolemy XIII. He was also the brother of Nikias, son of Philocrates, and grandson of Themistocles of Kanopos.


Born aroudn 73 BCE, Icarus was a born charioteer, gained his first victory in the races at the age of thirteen.[1] He was a widely respected chariot racer in the hippodrome, having partaken in more than a 2,000 races,[1] and winning at least half of them, so much so that he garnered even the respect of the rival team, Veneta Blue. At the age of 25, Icarus died in 48 BCE for unknown reasons, and memorials were put up in front of the hippodrome as well as in the nearby town of Kanopos.[2]


A bust in his image was placed in a memorial in the market area, where many residents of the town would visit to pay their respects, including Selene and her sons Icarius and Halius. That year, a group of Veneta Blue members mocked the memorial, killing Halius and stealing Icarus' bust. Selene enlisted the help of the Medjay Bayek of Siwa, who rescued Icarius and retrieved the bust of Icarus.[3]



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