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Ibex in Egypt

The ibex is a species of desert-dwelling goat which inhabits the mountains of northeast Africa and western Asia.


5th century BCE

In Ancient Greece ibex roamed the wild areas of the main land and islands, preyed on by wolves and bears. The Spartan misthios Kassandra often hunted ibex for their horns and soft leather.[1]

1st century BCE

In Egypt during the Ptolemaic dynasty ibex horns were a popular material for sculptures.[2]

In 49 BCE, the Medjay Bayek took his son Khemu on an ibex hunt on the outskirts of Siwa after the latter declined to accompany his friend Chenzira to visit a hyena lair. Pharaoh Ptolemy XIII was expected in Siwa that day for a ceremony, and one of the requests by the Oracle of Amun was for the pelt of an ibex stag. Demonstrating to his son the art of hunting, Bayek killed an ibex pack leader with a clean shot to the heart using his bow.[3]




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