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Iasius, also known as Iasus or Iasos, was the king of Arkadia and father of Atalanta during the 6th century BCE.


Best known as the father of the athletic princess of Arkadia, Iasius welcomed Kyros of Zarax to his court. Kyros had come to ask for Atalanta's hand, and even though Iasius was pleased at the prospect, given that Kyros was a former Olympic champion, Atalanta had announced that she would only marry a man who could beat her at a foot race.[1]

Iasius warned Kyros that no man had yet proven faster than his daughter, and as Atalanta's rules stood, all losers lost their lives as well. As this didn't disencourage Kyros, Iasius arranged for him to meet Atalanta, see if he truly considered her worth it.[1]

Eventually, Iasius passed away and his daughter Atalanta took the throne after returning home to his funeral.[2]



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