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I Don't Belong Here was a virtual representation of one of Kassandra's genetic memories, relived by Layla Hassan through the Portable Animus HR-8.5.



Kassandra traveled to the Eternal Battlefield on the advice of Charon, where she found Athenian and Spartan forces clashing. Amidst the fighters, she spied a familiar face.

  • Kassandra: Brasidas!

Brasidas continued fighting the Athenians.

  • Brasidas: I don't belong here!

Kassandra joined him in fighting the Athenian forces and routed them, sending them fleeing. Afterwards, Brasidas turned his spear towards Kassandra.

  • Brasidas: You're next, soldier!

Kassandra fought Brasidas and defeated him. Slowly, his memories returned.

  • Brasidas: You fight like someone I once knew.

  • Kassandra: We fought the Monger's thugs in a warehouse in Korinth. That's where we met.
  • Brasidas: The warehouse was on fire. We were surrounded.

  • Kassandra: We fought Athenians together at the Battle of Pylos.
  • Brasidas: The battlefield was engulfed in flames. I was cut down by a warrior like no other. The same warrior who sent me here.

  • Kassandra: We fought together when Kleon and the Athenians landed in Amphipolis. Don't you remember?
  • Brasidas: We fought side by side. Victory was near, but then...
  • Kassandra: You were killed.
  • Brasidas: Deimos. There is nothing but darkness after that.

  • Brasidas: Kassandra?
  • Kassandra: It's good to see you, old friend. 

(If Brasidas died while they were on good terms, he and Kassandra will shake each other's hands.)

  • Brasidas: What are you doing here? Tell me you are not dead.
  • Kassandra: No, not yet at least. I have a Staff from my father, my real father. It has powers. I was sent to the underworld to learn how to use them.
  • Brasidas: Powers.
  • Kassandra: It's a long story, but I've been all over Elysium looking for answers. My search brought me here.
  • Brasidas: You've been to Elysium?
  • Brasidas: "Honor the gods. Honor Sparta. Keep your oaths, and Elysium is yours." My father told me this as a child, and every single day of my life I lived by that code.
  • Brasidas: But now in death, I'm sentenced to this misery.

(If Brasidas died while on bad terms with the Misthios, he won't accept Kassandra's "friend" statement.)

  • Brasidas: Friends? Friends watch each other's backs, but you were always out for yourself. My needs, the needs of our people were never a passing thought.

(Also if Brasidas died on bad terms and knows that Kassandra killed Nikolaos.)

  • Brasidas: Friend? If you'd kill your own father, what would you do for a friend? You were always driven by vengeance, out for yourself. Never thinking about the greater good.

{More dialogue here. And then everything after this point may depend on relationship with Brasidas during the main story. Everything written below was from a friendly Brasidas playthrough.}

  • Kassandra: Nikolaos thought throwing me off a mountain upheld Spartan "code." Fathers don't always have the right answers, Brasidas.
  • Brasidas: Then I wasted a lifetime believing in a lie.
  • Kassandra: You should be taking this up with Hades.

  • Kassandra: If there's anyone I fought with who deserves paradise, it's you.
  • Brasidas: Then why am I here?
  • Kassandra: You should be taking this up with Hades.

  • Kassandra: Maybe you didn't fully live up to that code.
  • Brasidas: Impossible. I recited those words every morning and every night. They've been burned into my mind.
  • Kassandra: You should be taking this up with Hades.

  • Brasidas: This was Hades' decision. He says I can go to Elysium on one condition. I need to confront my greatest enemy.
  • Kassandra: Deimos.
  • Brasidas: Deimos.
  • Kassandra: Brasidas, you shouldn't be waiting here to fight him.
  • Brasidas: Why not?

  • Kassandra: Deimos still lives. Hades tricked you.
  • Brasidas: No matter. He'll show up, eventually.

  • Kassandra: Deimos lives. I had the chance to send him here, but I spared him.
  • Brasidas: He slaughtered my men. He sent me here.
  • Kassandra: I know, but the Cult destroyed my family. I did what I could to make it whole again. Besides, you once taught me "not all situations need to end in bloodshed."
  • Brasidas: Knowing this changes nothing. I will see Elysium.

  • Kassandra: I won't stand in your way. What did Hades tell you, exactly?
  • Brasidas: He said, "To walk Elysium in death, the son of Sparta must confront that which defeated him in life."
  • Kassandra: Gods and their fucking riddles. Can't they ever just say what they mean? But, I think I've already solved your first problem.
  • Brasidas: And that is?
  • Kassandra: A true son of Sparta wouldn't dare face an enemy without their shield. We need to find yours.
  • Brasidas: It's in the Forgotten Sepulchre. I tried to retrieve it, but Hades sent guards to defend the tomb after some malákas killed Cerberos.

  • Kassandra: That malákas was me. And now I'm stuck working for Hades.

Brasidas chuckled.

  • Brasidas: Why am I not surprised? You've made things around here complicated.

  • Kassandra: What kind of malákas just goes around and kills Cerberos? Seriously.
  • Brasidas: Whoever it was certainly made things around her complicated.

  • Kassandra: You were always good to me in times of need. Now let me be a friend to you.
  • Brasidas: Courage eludes me in the underworld. Deep down, I hoped I'd never have to face Deimos again.

(Asked "What is the Forgotten Sepulchre?")

  • Kassandra: What can you tell me about this Forgotten Sepulchre?"
  • Brasidas: It houses the armor, trophies, and weapons of dishonored warriors. Things they were buried with in death, but were stripped of in the underworld.

(Asked "How will I know your shield?")

  • Kassandra: How will I know which shield is yours?
  • Brasidas: You should know my shield by now. It bears the colors of Sparta and has been through many battles.

(Leave – "I'll come back with your shield.")

  • Kassandra: The weight of your shield will help you feel like your old self.
  • Brasidas: Make sure to take only mine. Taking any others will be your doom.


Kassandra reunited with Brasidas in the underworld, though she had expected him to deserve Elysium instead. She resolved to help him face his greatest enemy and earn his way into paradise.


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