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I'd Bet On the Pirates was a virtual representation of one of Kassandra's genetic memories, relived by Layla Hassan through the Portable Animus HR-8.5.


An Athenian spy wished Kassandra would sink some pirate ships.


Kassandra noticed a job posted on a message board.

She sought out the Athenian soldier and addressed him.

  • Kassandra: I saw the message you left on the board. What's happening?
  • Man: An Athenian ship is supposed to arrive soon, and these waters are full of pirates.
  • Kassandra: The Athenians can handle them, no?
  • Man: They can row. They can fight. But both at the same time? My drachmae's on the pirates.
  • Kassandra: Sounds like I need to sink some pirate ships.
  • Man: Exactly, my friend. The horizon must be cleared.

(Accept - I'll destroy them.)

  • Kassandra: I'm in.
  • Man: I knew I could trust you.
  • Kassandra: I should get going.

Kassandra boarded the Adrestia and sought out pirate ships to sink. Afterwards, she returned to the soldier.

  • Man: Back already. Did you destroy them all?
  • Kassandra: It would be hard to piece them back together.
  • Man: I owe you more than words can say. So I'll let this payment speak for me.
  • Kassandra: Thank you.


Kassandra sank pirate ships, and in return was rewarded.


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