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Hytham was a Hidden One Acolyte who operated in Northern Europe during the 9th century.


Following Basim

At the suggestion of Mentor Rayhan, Hytham accompanied his fellow Hidden One and Master Basim Ibn Ishaq to Northern Europe to combat the growing power of the Order of the Ancients, who had entrenched themselves deep in the various kingdoms' administrations.[1]

While in Constantinople[2] in 870 CE, Hytham and Basim met and befriended the Raven Clan Viking Sigurd Styrbjornsson, who sought to make a name for himself during a two-year journey across the wider world. The two accompanied Sigurd back to Norway, where they were introduced to Sigurd's adoptive younger sister, Eivor Varinsdottir. Hytham took issue with Eivor being gifted with the Hidden Blade[3] that belonged to the late fellow Hidden One Ammon,[4] and the fact that she proudly wore it on her outer wrist rather than concealed as the Hidden Ones did, but Basim overruled him.[3]

As Eivor and Sigurd joined forces with Harald Fairhair in an assault against Kjotve the Cruel's fortress, Basim chose to inform Eivor of the conflict between the Hidden Ones and the Order of the Ancients, of which Kjotve was a member of the latter. Though Kjotve was Hytham's target, Eivor made it clear she deserved the kill, and he and Basim agreed to let her do it. During Kjotve's honor duel with Eivor, however, Hytham went back on the agreement and leapt at Kjotve when he fell into a pit with Eivor, intending to assassinate him. To Hytham's horror, Kjotve caught and hurled him against a wall, incapacitating the Hidden One but allowing Eivor to land the killing blow.[5] Hytham would heal from his injuries, but never fully recover.[6]

Settling in England

Later on, Hytham and Basim accompanied the two siblings and select members from the Raven Clan as they left Norway to escape the rule of King Harald, whom they refused acknowledge as king in his efforts to unify the nation after endless wars and dwindling resources.[7] On their arrival in England, the Hidden Ones convinced Eivor to build a bureau in the new settlement of Ravensthorpe to serve as their base of operation to combat the Order of the Ancients in the region. After the bureau's construction, Hytham encouraged Eivor to hunt Order members to ensure alliances with the Raven Clan could be achieved more easily. He then coached Eivor in taking her first Leap of Faith from the cliff across Ravensthorpe. After returning to the bureau, Hytham urged Eivor to hunt down the Order members operating in Lunden, as well as search for Hidden One bureaus throughout England.[1]

Trade with Ireland

In 879, Hytham met and maintained contact with a Persian trader named Azar who was based in Dublin, Ireland. The two became friends and mutually agreed to establish a trade post in both Ravensthorpe and Dublin. Upon Azar's arrival, she was received by the jarlskona Eivor instead of Hytham, who shortly arrived thereafter. Hytham introduced Eivor to Azar, who then informed Eivor of an invitation from King Bárid mac Ímair to Ireland.[8]


Hytham's existence was speculated by Shaun Hastings to have been known to Edward Kenway, possibly influencing the naming of his son, Haytham Kenway.[9]

Personality and characteristics

Hytham is shown to be an idealistic Acolyte of Hidden Ones. Although he initially against his master's idea of involving Eivor and even bequeathed her an ornate Hidden Blade, she quickly mastered to gain her trust and with it, forming an alliance between their faction and Ravensthrope. Hytham eventually saw her as a valuable ally in the fight against the Order of the Ancients. [citation needed]

Behind the scenes

Hytham is a character appearing in Assassin's Creed: Valhalla, where he is portrayed by Amir Sám Nakhjavani, who also provides additional voice to various NPCs.


"Hytham" is a transliteration of the Arabic name هيثم, meaning "young eagle".




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