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This article is about a model of bow. You may be looking for the Hunter's Bow, a different model, or hunter bows in general.
ACO Hunting Bow

Hunting Bow

The Hunting Bow was a basic hunter bow ideal for hunting. The Medjay Bayek owned one which he regularly used during his quest to avenge his son, Khemu, which he later lost. Shortly after returning to Siwa, he was given a new hunting bow by Hepzefa.


A simple bow of medium length, the generically but aptly named Hunting Bow was made primarily for hunting wild animals. Although it could not be a more rudimentary bow, it was flawless at this function and could obviously be adapted to 'hunting' human enemies as well.

Weapon statistics

Rarity Quality (Max Level 55) Damage (Max Level 55) Attributes Availability
Common 114 707 Charging Speed I Blacksmith, Loot



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