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This article is about the genetic memory of Shao Jun. You may be looking for the genetic memory of Eivor Varinsdottir.

Hunted was a virtual representation of one of Shao Jun's genetic memories, relived by a research analyst at Abstergo Entertainment through the Helix Navigator.


Having just assassinated Wei Bin, Shao Jun learned of the impending danger to her Mentor.


Alerted by Wei Bin's death, guards began searching the palace for his killer.

  • Guard 1: Remain on your guard.

After evading the guards and performing a Leap of Faith into a hay cart, two guards approached the bale.

  • Guard 2: Wei Bin is dead, we have to find the Assassin.
  • Guard 3: On it.

Shao Jun noticed a bridge full of guards.

  • Jun: The bridge is heavily guarded. If I could cause a large distraction somehow...

Shao Jun entered a nearby tower.

  • Jun: These explosives should do the trick. I'll need to be quick to avoid the explosion...

After lighting the fire, Shao Jun climbed the tower and preformed a Leap of Faith before the barrels exploded.

  • Guard 4: Somebody put that fire out!

Having distracted the guards, all the gates on the bridge were opened, allowing Shao Jun safer passage across. After crossing the bridge, Shao Jun entered a heavily guarded marketplace.

  • Guard 5: Master Zhang Yong and the others are hunting the Assassin Master.
  • Guard 6: Today will surely mark the end of the Assassins once again.
  • Guard 7: We need to slow the Assassin down. Give Master Zhang Yong time to find her Master.
  • Guard 8: We will make sure she doesn't even make it to him.

Shao Jun reached her Mentor's location. However, she did not reach him in time, as Zhang Yong finished him off.

  • Jun: No!
  • Zhang: Here she is, finally. See, girl. I have your precious box. KILL HER!

Shao Jun eliminated Zhang Yong's soldiers and approached Wang Yangming's body.

  • Jun: Shifu, I'm sorry... I was too slow. I should have reached you sooner. I could have stopped Zhang Yong. I could have protected the box. What good is to take revenge if I keep losing those I care for? I could have saved you...


Shao Jun escaped Zhang Yong's ambush and mourned the death of her Mentor.



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