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The Hungry Great Ones were a group of Egyptian bandits led by Fat Homer, active during the reign of the pharaoh Ptolemy XIII.


During the 1st century BCE, the bandits operated out of a hideout in a small canyon and conducted frequent raids in Sap-Meh and Sapi-Res Nome. Their reputation led the town of Kanopos to believe that they rode "war hippos".[1]. The group also conducted business with another bandit group known as the Disciples of the Lioness, using the Smuggler's Dock to the north as a dealing spot.[2]

In 48 BCE, the bandits raided Jarha's farm, capturing their protector, Meketre, in the process. This attracted the hippos that lived nearby, and the alarmed beasts laid waste to plants, buildings, and men alike. Only Jarha and his aunt survived the attack. Soon after, the Medjay Bayek of Siwa came upon them and learned what had occurred.[3]

Bayek helped Jarha gather up the dead, drive away the hippos for a while, and retrieve Meketre, eliminating the bandits and their leader in the process.[3]



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