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Hungry Gods was a virtual representation of one of Kassandra's genetic memories, relived by Layla Hassan through the Portable Animus HR-8.5.


Kassandra came across a sick-looking man outside the Drogarati Cave.


Kassandra approached the man outside the cave.

  • Kassandra: You don't look so good.
  • Civilian: I angered them I think. The gods.

  • Kassandra: Uh oh. Murder or impiety?
  • Civilian: Neither!

  • Kassandra: It's possible. I hear they can be vengeful.

ACOD - Hungry Gods 2

Kassandra talking to the man

  • Civilian: I used to worship Hermes at the Drogarati Cave. There are gods there too, y'know.
  • Kassandra: In the cave?
  • Civilian: They grant wishes if you bring 'em tribute! So everyone makes an offering and asks for something in return. No wishes of mine granted, though. And I'm running out of money and tribute—I'm poor myself you know! ...I did something wrong.
  • Kassandra: Hermes. He can be a trickster.
  • Civilian: Oh, but there's many gods in this cave—all askin' for different things! Go hear 'em yourself! You'll get my last tribute if you do. I need to know if they're real.
  • Kassandra: All right, don't worry. I'll go.
  • Civilian: Oh thank you! Remember: be careful where you step, misthios—you'll be walking on holy ground!
  • Kassandra: We'll see about that.

Kassandra entered the cave and went deeper, before reaching a lair containing a statue of Hermes. She investigated some broken vases on the ground near the statue.

  • Kassandra: Someone dropped offerings here... Looks like they were trying to carry them away behind the statue?

Kassandra looked behind the statue and found a small opening.

  • Kassandra: There's a draft here... A crack in the wall?

Kassandra went through the opening and found a small cavern within. Going further in, she came across a group of bandits and eliminated them.

  • Kassandra: Bandits all along. People should've known something was off. And here's all their loot.
ACOD - Hungry Gods 3

A woman begs for salvation from Hermes

Kassandra reached the same opening, finding a woman worshipping the statue of Hermes.

  • Civilian: All I can offer you is devotion, but I need your help. I'm poor. I have four hungry children and nothing else. I weave baskets for the market, but my cart is ruined. How can I repair it? Or sell my wares without it? Without you?

Kassandra made no response.

  • Civilian: I need you to listen. Talk to me.

Kassandra again made no response.

  • Civilian: Prove to me you're listening. I'll never turn away from you. Save us—please!

Kassandra again made no response. The woman started crying.

  • Civilian: ...What will I tell them? You've turned your back on me, Hermes. You temp me to do dark things.

The woman left.

  • Kassandra: ...I'm listening, child of Hermes.
  • Civilian: Oh, mighty god! I beg you—help me!
  • Kassandra: Your prayer is, er, heard. You will find riches at your door sooner than you... expect.
  • Civilian: I knew you'd listen! My every sunrise is yours. Everything beneath my humble roof in Sami is devoted to you.
  • Kassandra: Yes. Now, go home and wait for fate to intervene.
  • Civilian: I will, great god, I will!

The woman left the cave.

  • Kassandra: Well, if money's what she needs, the bandits' stolen loot will do just fine.

(Start quest Merciful Gods)

Kassandra returned to the man.

  • Kassandra: No gods in the caves. Only bandits stealing peoples' hopes and drachmae.
  • Civilian: I knew it! Thieves!
  • Kassandra: At least you know you won't face Zeus' wrath. Maybe he'll take pity on you.
  • Civilian: I hope Zeus brings his wrath on those bandits.
  • Kassandra: Don't worry, I brought mine. That should be good enough.


Kassandra helped the man to investigate the cave, finding out that a group of bandits were taking advantage of offerings left for the Greek god Hermes.


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