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Hullo Mr. Gatling was a virtual representation of one of Jacob Frye's genetic memories, relived by a Helix initiate through the Helix Navigator.


Jacob received a Gatling gun from Nigel Bumble, who wanted to make amends for his past mistakes.


  • Agnes: That Nigel's full o' surprises!
    Can ye guess what Nigel's done?
    You should see what's waitin' for ye at Whitechapel Station! Nigel wants to make up for things, so he got ye a gift.

Jacob went to Whitechapel station, where he found Nigel with a Gatling gun.

  • Nigel: Oi, Mister Frye, come have a look at this. Ain't she a beauty?
  • Jacob: Oh, well done, Nigel.
  • Nigel: Ya, I nicked it off the gang 'cross town. Got 'em all stewed, and then took it when they was asleep! Here, sir, let me show you.

Nigel attempted to fire the gun, but it refused to work.

  • Nigel: It's jammed. Oh shit!

A group of Blighters appeared on the other side of the station and took aim.

  • Jacob: Move!

Jacob took control of the Gatling gun and began firing at the Blighters.

  • Nigel: Watch out, Mister Frye!
    They're on top of us!
    Here they come!

Although the gun was effective, more Blighters kept coming.

  • Jacob: Driver! I believe it's time to go!
  • Driver: Full steam!

The train departed, but a train with Blighters began to ride alongside them. Jacob used the Gatling gun to destroy the enemy's coupling system, detaching wagons one by one.

  • Jacob: A little faster!
    Speed it up!
    As fast as you can, driver!
    More speed!
    Don't slow down now!
  • Nigel: Mister Frye! Up ahead! They've blocked the tracks!

The driver brought the train to a halt before it hit the stack of explosives that had been placed on the tracks.

  • Nigel: It's an ambush!

Jacob defeated the attackers.

  • Nigel: It's clear! Let's get underway. Full steam!

They continued on and encountered the remainder of the opposing train.

  • Jacob: Looks like the first carriage is full of dynamite. Come on, lads! Let's end this!

Jacob destroyed the Blighters' train, but as a result, the Gatling gun overheated.

  • Nigel: The gun is heating up! It's gonna catch fire!
    God almighty! We're on fire, Mister Frye!
    Oh no! We've got to uncouple the carriage!

The pair abandoned the Gatling gun and detached the wagon on which it stood.


Jacob managed to defend the Rooks with the stolen Gatling gun, which overheated due to overuse and was thus rendered useless.


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