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"From the dwarves of Svartalfheimr to you."
―Sigrun presenting the Hugr-Rip to Odin.[src]-[m]

The Hugr-Rip was an enhanced Isu bracer wielded by the Æsir leader Odin. It was gifted to him by the Dwarves of Svartálfaheimr to use against the invading Muspels and jötnar.[1]



"With this bracer, you can draw out the essence of fallen foes. Steal their powers and make them your own."
―Sigrun explaining the Hugr-Rip's functionality to Odin.[src]-[m]

The Hugr-Rip's most prominent feature is the ability to drain and contain the lifeforce of any creature. Once their power is absorbed, the user can use the Hugr-Rip to access special powers, such as the ability to temporarily shape-shift into a raven, jötnar, or Muspel. These temporary shape-shifting abilities gave Odin the advantage of walking amongst jötnar and Muspels without any difficulties and tolerate their extreme temperatures, making spying on them and infiltrating their ranks much easier for Odin. [1]

The Hugr-Rip can also temporarily create draugr, undead warriors who serve as allies in battle. Other functions include brief teleportation, echolocation, harnessing elemental forces like fire, frost, or electricity, and also greatly improving battle prowess and combat ferocity. [1]