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Howls of the Dead was a virtual representation of one of Bayek's genetic memories, relived by Layla Hassan through the Portable Animus HR-8.


The necropolis has increasingly been the source of mysterious sounds and sightings. Someone needs to look into it.


Bayek saw Haganu singing and playing his instrument in the Klysma Quarry.

  • Haganu: In the dark mountains, oh traveler, take care. The howls of the dead echo in pain. A spirit of evil won't let them rest.

Bayek spoke to Haganu.

  • Haganu: The mountaisn of the Sinai, hide the tortured souls of the dead.
  • Bayek: What is this all about?
  • Haganu: Have you not heard? The old necropolis up in the mountains is haunted by all the dead who cannot enter the afterlife.
  • Bayek: Someone should look into that.

Bayek traveled to the entrance leading to the mountains. There, he met Demet, along with his horse and a mummy on the horse's back.

  • Demet: Oh! Dearest Iset, protect me and my poor wife!
  • Bayek: Neb. Do you need help?
  • Demet: My wife is ready for her journey to the Hall of Anubis, but my knees quake with fear. What awaits me at the necropolis? I have heard stories to turn a young man's hair white!
  • Bayek: I am headed there. I will take your wife's body if you like.
  • Demet: Would you? I will be a thousand times grateful!

Bayek rode Demet's horse further up the mountain.

  • Bayek: I have a grim foreboding.

He arrived at the entrance to the necropolis, which was shrouded in mist.

  • Bayek: What fiendishness is this? The stories of evilness may be true.

Bayek carried the mummy off the horse and into the necropolis. He heard screams echo from within.

  • Bayek: What evil lurks here?

Bayek placed the mummy down on the ground.

  • Bayek: The storyteller's song may be true. These are the sounds of a wicked spirit.

He heard more screams, accompanied by laughter. Eventually, Bayek discovered a small entrance and slid under it. Inside, he found parts of human bodies scattered everywhere.

  • Bayek: These are the arms and legs of the dead! Someone is desecrating them.

Bayek went in further and discovered a man in the room.

  • Set: Who dares interrupt me? I am the incarnation of Set, god of chaos! He who dismembered Osiris and spread pieces of him all across Egypt!
  • Bayek: You are a desecrater and a murderer.
  • Set: You are the incarnation of Iset! Come to stitch her husband together. You shall not!

Bayek killed the individual.

  • Bayek: You will trouble the dead no longer.


Bayek helped Demet bring his wife's body to the necropolis. Investigating further, he traced the source of the tomb's haunting to a man who had desecrated the dead, and ended his reign of terror.


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