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How Grand, Master Kenway! was a virtual representation of one of Edward Kenway and Haytham Kenway's genetic memories, relived by a research analyst at Abstergo Entertainment through the Animus.


Edward sailed to England with his daughter, Jennifer Scott.


  • Jennifer: Father... did you always know how to sail a boat?
  • Edward: The Jackdaw is a ship, Jenny. Not a boat.
  • Jennifer: But did you always know?
  • Edward: No. No, I learned after leaving Bristol.
  • Jennifer: After you left mother?
  • Edward: Well, I didn't leave your... I didn't leave without saying goodbye, that is. It was an arrangement, you see? Between your mother and me.
  • Jennifer: She said you left her. She said you always talked about sailing a boat and making money in the New World.
  • Edward: I did always want to sail a ship, that's true. But not for a lark. To support us. To take care of her... and you.
  • Jennifer: Not me. Mother said you didn't know about me. She said you wrote only once a year, and that she never knew where to find you.
  • Edward: That's all true. And I'm sorry for that. If I had known earlier... I don't know. I might have come home. I hope that I would have.
  • Jennifer: Well... you were busy. That's what I think.
  • Edward: I was. But... that wouldn't have mattered.
  • Jennifer: Can I steer your boat?
  • Edward: Boat? I see no boat here. Do you?
  • Jennifer: Ugh. I mean ship, obviously. I don't see the difference anyway.
  • Edward: Ah! It's a very simple one, Jenny. A ship can carry a boat, but a boat cannot carry a ship.

The Jackdaw sailing for England

  • Jennifer: Why, then everything is a ship, large and small, but for my toy boat. The one I take into the bath with me.
  • Edward: That's a clever way of seeing it. Is it hard to talk about Caroline, Jenny? About your mother?
  • Jennifer: Hmmm... no. She passed some years ago. I miss her, but it's all right.
  • Edward: Was she in pain?
  • Jennifer: I don't know. I don't think so. She was very happy for quite some time. Then not so happy. I didn't see her much after that. Then she was gone.
  • Edward: I... I'm sorry. I'm sorry I wasn't there for you.
  • Jennifer: It's all right. You're here now. And we're on an adventure!
  • Edward: Only a little one, I hope. I can't handle too many more surprises.
  • Jennifer: Do you think we'll see a whale?
  • Edward: Yes. There's a very good chance.
  • Jennifer: Hm! And what about pirates? Will I see pirates?
  • Edward: No. There's not much chance of that, I think.
  • Jennifer: Oh. That's rather sad. I should have liked to have seen one.
  • Edward: Tell you what, Jenny. As soon as these winds die a little bit, I'll let you steer the Jackdaw. One little trick at the helm before sundown.
  • Jennifer: Yay!

Jennifer speaking with a suitor

Many years later, Edward, Jennifer and Haytham attended The Beggar's Opera at the Theatre Royal.

  • Suitor: Miss Jennifer Kenway. May I introduce myself...
  • Jennifer: Jennifer Scott, if you please.
  • Suitor: I'm sorry. I- I...

Edward interjected.

  • Edward: My daughter was raised by her mother, Caroline, until she passed away some years ago. Jenny prefers to use her surname to mine.
  • Suitor: Ah. Forgive my ignorance.
  • Edward: I will. She may not.
  • Haytham: Father, help me!

Edward turned to Haytham.

Edward speaking with Haytham

  • Edward: This little rascal, however, IS a Kenway. What's wrong, Haytham?
  • Haytham: I can't see the stage!
  • Edward: Up we go. How's that?
  • Haytham: Fine. But won't your arms tire?
  • Edward: Hey, I'm not so old as that! But if they do, then we shall quit this posh gig and go and meet your mother for some chocolate at White's. How's that sound?
  • Haytham: Yes, please!
  • Edward: Ok. Hush now...


Edward and his daughter returned to England, where they started their lives anew. Sometime later, Edward remarried and conceived a son, Haytham Kenway.



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