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"We are the Auditore da Firenze. We are Assassins."
―Giovanni Auditore da Firenze.[src]

The House of Auditore was a noble family of the Italian city of Florence. Its prominence in history was relatively short, lasting approximately one to two hundred years.


"To the Auditore that reads this, remember that you are not a nobleman. You are not one of the deceivers, you are one of the people. Avenge us!"
―Domenico Auditore's final message in the Auditore family crypt.[src]

During the late 13th century, the family that would become known as the Auditore lived in the outskirts of Venice. Either around or after 1296, Domenico was inducted into the Assassin Order, under the tutelage of Dante Alighieri.[1]

Following Dante's death, Domenico was tasked by his own father, also an Assassin, with the duty of hiding Altaïr Ibn-La'Ahad's Codex in Spain. Domenico’s vessel was ambushed at sea by pirates, under the employ of the Templars, who ransacked the ship and slaughtered the crew, including Domenico’s wife. With only Domenico and his son remaining, he used the bank account details given by Marco Polo, who had recently been murdered by the Templars, to impersonate a nobleman in Florence. There, he took vocal lessons, studied architecture and the classics, and adopted the name "Auditore", after a local minor noble. The family continued to pose as a noble house to conceal their true Assassin identities.[1]

Under Domenico’s guidance, the family constructed the Villa Auditore in the nearby town of Monteriggioni, while Domenico trained his son in how to fight as an Assassin. Together, the Auditore hunted the Templars, and looked to reclaim the Codex pages. Before his death, Domenico detailed his story on a series of engraved stone plates, and had them placed in the Auditore Family Crypt, beneath Monteriggioni.[1]


Over the years, the family gained in prominence, becoming a close ally of the Medici dynasty, the rulers of Florence. However in 1476, approximately 170 years after its creation, the Auditore family suffered a grievous blow at the hands of a conspiracy led by Rodrigo Borgia, Grand Master of the Templar Order. Uberto Alberti, until then a close friend of Giovanni Auditore da Firenze, and the Pazzi family, long-time rivals of the Auditore, and secretly members of the Templar Order played a key role in facilitating the family’s fall from grace. The Auditore were branded traitors of the Republic, banished from the city, and excluded from the nobility.[1]


Following the deaths of Giovanni, Federico, and Petruccio at the hand of the Templar conspiracy, the remaining members of the Auditore da Firenze fled the city. After the execution Claudia, Maria and Ezio Auditore da Firenze sought refuge in Monteriggioni, under the protection of their uncle and ruler of Monteriggioni, Mario Auditore, a condottiero with an army of mercenaries at his disposal to fight against the Templars in the region.[1]

As Giovanni's only remaining son, Ezio took on his work and sought vengeance against those responsible for the death of his father and brothers, joining the Italian Assassins. He contributed in restoring the villa, and the financing the rebuilding of large parts of Monteriggioni.[1]

Later history

It is unknown how many individuals bore the name of Auditore after the births of Ezio’s two children – Marcello and Flavia Auditore – at the turn of the 16th century, as most of the information about the Auditore family was erased from history by the Templar conspiracy, and the name itself, lost over the centuries. The Auditore lineage extended to at least two known descendants of Ezio Auditore in the 21st century; Desmond Miles and Clay Kaczmarek.[1][2]


Family tree

Domenico Auditore
Renato Auditore
One generation
Giovanni Auditore
Maria de' Mozzi
Mario Auditore
Federico Auditore
Sofia Sartor
Ezio Auditore
Unknown woman
Claudia Auditore
Petruccio Auditore
Flavia Auditore
Marcello Auditore
Unknown generations
Unknown generations
Desmond Miles
Clay Kaczmarek


  • "Auditore" is an Italian word meaning "auditor". An auditor is a person who maintains financial accounts of a business, which was likely a reference to the family's work in banking.
  • The Auditore identified themselves as Roman Catholic, but certain members of the family were also atheist. Mario stated that he was "never much of a believer" during his mention of the villa chapel to Ezio, while Maria could be seen praying in her room.[1]
    • Additionally, in the novelization, Maria and Claudia spent their time in a convent instead of Monteriggioni, with Claudia almost becoming a nun.
  • As soon as Ezio was born, his father told him that he was an Auditore and he was a fighter, hinting at the family's Assassin background.
  • If the Palazzo Auditore was visited during the Bonfire of the Vanities downloadable content, Ezio could see his family as a loving memory.[1]



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