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"We are the Auditore da Firenze. We are Assassins."
―Giovanni Auditore da Firenze.[src]

The House of Auditore was branded as an old Italian noble family but was in fact an Assassin lineage. Its prominence in history was relatively short, lasting approximately one to two hundred years, but through its actions, it had a lasting impact on Italian and European politics. One of its most notable members, Ezio Auditore da Firenze, had reformed the Italian Brotherhood of Assassins, liberated Europe from the Borgia's influence, and indirectly helped two of his descendants, Clay Kaczmarek and Desmond Miles, to stop a planetary disaster in 2012.



"To the Auditore that reads this, remember that you are not a nobleman. You are not one of the deceivers, you are one of the people. Avenge us!"
―Domenico Auditore's final message in the Auditore family crypt.[src]

Domenico in Venice

During the late 13th century, the family that would become known as the Auditore lived in the outskirts of Venice. Either around or after 1296, Domenico was inducted into the Assassin Brotherhood, under the tutelage of Dante Alighieri.[1]

Following Dante's death, Domenico was tasked by his own father, also an Assassin, with the duty of hiding Altaïr Ibn-La'Ahad's Codex in Spain. Domenico’s vessel was ambushed at sea by pirates, under the employ of the Templars, who ransacked the ship and slaughtered the crew, including Domenico’s wife, Isabetta. With only Domenico and his son remaining, he used the bank account details given by Marco Polo, who had recently been murdered by the Templars, to impersonate a nobleman in Florence. There, he took vocal lessons, studied architecture and the classics, and adopted the name "Auditore", after a local minor noble. The family continued to pose as a noble house to conceal their true Assassin identities.[1]

Villa Auditore in 1327

Under Domenico’s guidance, the family constructed the Villa Auditore in the nearby town of Monteriggioni, while Domenico trained his son in how to fight as an Assassin. Together, the Auditore hunted the Templars, and looked to reclaim the Codex pages. Before his death, Domenico detailed his story on a series of engraved stone plates, and had them placed in the Auditore Family Crypt, beneath Monteriggioni. Domenico also constructed a Sanctuary where he protected the Armor of Altaïr with six Assassin Seals which were hidden in different tombs through Italy.[1]

In 1355, Renato hid the original Shroud of Eden, taken from the Templar Geoffroy de Charny, beneath the Villa and protected it with mechanics and traps.[2]

During the 15th century, the Auditore became an ally of the House of Medici, the rulers of Florence. Ilario Auditore was a close friend of Cosimo de' Medici and served him as the Gonfaloniere of the city.[1]

Auditore brothers

A century later, the two grandsons of Renato, Mario, and Giovanni, decided to take different paths. Mario stayed in Monteriggioni to protect the city and lead a group of mercenaries and the Assassins, while Giovanni moved to Florence to become a banker and investigate Templar conspiracies. The two stayed in contact as they searched for the Codex pages.[1]

Giovani departing from Monteriggioni

In 1454, Mario discovered in Monteriggioni a Florentine spy Luciano Pezzati. When he arrested him, he revealed that the condottiero Federico da Montefeltro would besiege the city for the Florentine to reclaim an artifact beneath the city. Mario prepared the defenses of the city and broke the Florentine army. After the battle, Mario decided to recover the mysterious object. With a group of mercenaries, Mario explored the city's catacombs and faced mortal traps which killed some of his men and he even lost his left eye. Afterwards, Mario discovered the Shroud hid by his grandfather a century before. A voice from the artifact convinced the mercenaries they could be healed by the Shroud but Mario refused to use it. His men turned against him and he was forced to kill them. Mario asked his brother to give the artifact to another group of Assassins to protect the city.[2]

In Florence, Giovanni entered in relation with Maria de' Mozzi and in 1452 they were married. They had four children, Federico, Ezio, Claudia, and Petruccio. Maria learned about Giovanni's allegiance and she helped him to keep his secret from his own children. She also became an Assassin. In 1456, Giovanni represented in court Paola, a woman who was charged for the murder of a city guard. Giovanni pleaded the self-defense and won the case. In fact Paola was also the daughter of a couple of Assassins who died in the sea. Giovanni inducted her in the Brotherhood and hired her sister Annetta as a servant. Paola became the Madam of La Rosa Colta wherein she gathered the information for the Assassins in the city. Years later, he inducted his eldest son, Federico, but decided to delay the induction of Ezio, who was more of a troublemaker and a womanizer during his youth.[1]

Auditore execution

Giovanni and Maria Auditore

In 1455, after saving from drowning a young Lorenzo de' Medici, Giovanni became a close ally of the Medici dynasty. In 1473, the construction of the Palazzo Auditore was finished in Florence. In December 1476, Giovanni uncovered a Templar plot to weakened the Medici power by assassinating Lorenzo's ally, Galeazzo Maria Sforza, the duke of Milan. Giovanni tried to foil this plan but he failed. He continued his investigation in Venice where he followed a messenger sent by the Templar Marco Barbarigo but before he could learn anything, the courier committed suicide with Giovanni's blade. Giovanni recovered the letter and asked to his friend Uberto Alberti and his associate Antonio Maffei to decipher it. But the two were in fact Templar allies and decided to say they couldn't decipher the letter and obliged Giovanni to deliver the letter himself to Rome. There, Giovanni met Rodrigo Borgia, Grand Master of the Italian Templars, who proposed that he join his side. Giovanni refused and fought Rodrigo's men, but he was wounded by a knife thrown by the Grand Master and his Hidden Blade was broken, too. Giovanni returned in Florence knowing he must be on his guard, and began to make a list of the Templar conspirators.[1]

Auditore execution

Giovanni had proof that the Templar Francesco de' Pazzi had committed a murder. He decided to charge him knowing his implication in the plot against the Medici. To stop the trial, Uberto, under the command of the Templar, charged Giovanni and his family for treason against the Republic. Giovanni, Federico, and Petruccio were arrested and send to the Palazzo della Signoria. Maria was so traumatized by the arrest of his younger son she became mute. Ezio decided to send his mother and sister to a safe location. Annetta took them to the Rosa Colta and Ezio climbed the Palazzo della Signoria to speak with his father. There, Giovanni told his son to collect what he left in his secret bureau and to deliver any proof of his innocence to Uberto. Ezio returned to his home and recovered his father's Assassin robes, his sword, his broken Hidden Blade, a Codex page, and the list of Templar conspirators. Ezio gave it to Uberto who pretended to help the young man. The Gonfaloniere proposed to shelter Ezio, but he refused and preferred to see him for the liberation of his kin. The next day, Ezio went to the Piazza della Signoria and saw the truth: Uberto didn't liberate his family but condemned them, omitting the proof of their innocence he had. Giovanni and his sons were hanged and Ezio tried to kill Uberto but the massive presence of guards obliged him to run.[1]

Ezio's vendetta

Following the deaths of Giovanni, Federico, and Petruccio at the hands of the Templar conspiracy, Ezio decided to assassinate Uberto. He received the help of Paola, who taught him to be stealthy and to hide in the crowd. She also indicated that Leonardo da Vinci could repair his father's Hidden Blade. On the route, Ezio reclaimed the corpses of his father and brothers and gave them proper last rites. Once the Hidden Blade had been fixed, Ezio returned to Paola who informed him that Uberto would be at the Basilica of Santa Croce for an art exhibition of Andrea del Verrocchio. Ezio infiltrated the building, killed Uberto before claiming that the Auditore were not dead and he fled.[1]

Mario rescuing Ezio, Maria and Claudia

After the death of the Gonfaloniere, the remaining members of the Auditore da Firenze fled the city. Claudia, Maria, and Ezio sought refuge in Monteriggioni, under the protection of Mario and his army of mercenaries. On the road, the Auditore were attacked by a group of men led by Vieri de' Pazzi, Ezio's rival and also a Templar. But Mario and his mercenaries saved his brother's family and Vieri fled. Mario welcomed his nephew who didn't recognize him and informed him that he knew what happened in Florence. After Mario guided them in the city, Maria, Claudia, and Ezio settled in the Villa Auditore. Discussing with his nephew, Mario discovered that Ezio was not informed about his Assassin heritage and the war with the Templar Order. Ezio only wanted to stay a few days in the Villa before leaving with his family for another city, but Mario convinced him to stay to be trained in swordfight to protect his family. During a year, Mario trained Ezio and revealed him his father's work, the Assassins' goals and their fight with the Templars. Ezio remained on his position to go to Spain to protect his family. Mario, angry, left his considering he ashamed his father's death. With his mercenaries, Mario decided to attacked Vieri and his men in San Gimignano. Ezio, feeling guilty for the repeating attacks of Vieri, helped his uncle to infiltrate the city. After a stealth approach, Mario and his men fell in an ambush. During this fight, Mario tasked Ezio to find Vieri. On a roof, Ezio saw Vieri with his father Francesco, his Great-uncle Jacopo de' Pazzi and Rodrigo Borgia. He discovered that they planned an attack with soldiers in Florence and they would have a reunion in the city. After the three others fled the city Ezio fought Vieri and killed him.[1]

Returned in Monteriggioni, Ezio informed his uncle of his new information. Mario revealed that Rodrigo Borgia was the Grand Master of the Templar and was responsible for his family death. As Giovanni's only remaining son, Ezio took on his work to find all the codex pages and sought vengeance against Rodrigo and his men who were on his father list. He also began to contribute to restoring the Villa and in financing the rebuilding of large parts of Monteriggioni, Claudia helped him becoming the accountant of the city. , Ezio began to search the Assassin seals to unlocked the Armor of Altaïr. To help his mother found peace, Ezio collected feathers in memory of Petruccio. On his side, Mario decided to continue Ezio's training on the Assassins' way with the help of others Assassins who would hide their true allegiance to Ezio. Ezio began his revenge in Florence where he stopped the Pazzi conspiracy, which reunited the House of Pazzi and fellows Templars. The conspirators wanted to assassinate Lorenzo de' Medici and his brother Giuliano to take the city. The Templars only killed Giuliano and later Ezio assassinated Francesco de' Pazzi. The Pazzi conspirators fled the city and Ezio tracked them through the Tuscany during two years. He finally found Jacopo de' Pazzi who was betrayed by Rodrigo and wounded to death. During this meeting, Ezio discovered that the Venetian merchant Emilio Barbarigo was implicated in the conspiracy. After the two Templars fled the scene, Ezio finished Jacopo's suffering.[1]

In 1481, Ezio arrived in Venice where he planned to kill Emilio, but his palazzo was two heavily guarded. At the same moment, a group of thieves tried to infiltrate the palazzo but one of them Rosa received an arrow in the leg. Ezio protected her to the thieves' guild where he met their leader Antonio who was secretly an Assassin. Together, they allied to stop Emilio to unify all the merchants of Venice under his banner. In 1485, Ezio killed Emilio and the thieves took control of his palazzo. Ezio discovered another Templar ally, Carlo Grimaldi who had a meeting with others Templars, Silvio Barbarigo, Marco Barbarigo, and Rodrigo Borgia. The Templars wanted to kill the Doge of Venice Giovanni Mocenigo and replace him by Marco to take control of the Venetian fleet. Ezio infiltrated the Palazzo Ducale with the Flying Machine of da Vinci but he arrived too late. Carlo already poisoned the Doge and framed Ezio for the murder. Ezio killed Carlo and fled the city. A few months later, Ezio returned to Venice during the Carnevale and killed Marco Barbarigo who was the new doge. Afterwards, Ezio, with the help of the condottiero Bartolomeo d'Alviano, attacked the Arsenale di Venezia and killed Silvio Barbarigo and Dante Moro. The last revealed that the Templar sent a ship to Cyprus to find something.[1]

Mario inducting Ezio in the Brotherhood

In July 1488, at Ezio twenty-ninth's birthday, Rosa informed him that the ship returned to Venice the next day. Leonardo also revealed that he deciphered a strange prophecy on the codex pages including a Vault, two Pieces of Eden and a prophet who will be revealed in Venice. Ezio understands that what the Templar searched all these years and what his family was killed. The next days, Ezio followed the guards with the artifact and discovered that Rodrigo would come to take the Apple of Eden. Ezio impersonated a guard to approach Rodrigo. Mario also learned that the Apple was in Venice and decided with others Assassins to see who will be the Prophet. When the group of guards met Rodrigo, Ezio killed his men and confronted the Grand Master saying no Prophet appeared. The Templar claimed that he was the Prophet and began to fight Ezio with other guards. Mario and the others Assassins joined Ezio in the fight. At the moment when Ezio would deliver the killing blow, Rodrigo managed to escape. When Ezio wanted to pursue him, the Assassins restrained him explaining he had important things to do. Ezio didn't understand, the Assassins revealed their true allegiance and said that Ezio was the Prophet. Afterwards Ezio officially joined the Brotherhood.[1]

Searching the Vault

Mario, Ezio, Niccolò and Leonardo studying the Apple

After his induction, Ezio was sent by Mario to Forlì to protect the Apple from the Templar. With the Assassin Niccolò Machiavelli, Ezio met the Assassin ally Caterina Sforza, the new lord of Forlì. But when they arrived at the city, the brothers Orsi, two mercenaries hired by the Templars, attacked Forlì to reclaim a map created by Girolamo Riario, last husband of Caterina, which indicated the location of codex pages. After a battle, Ezio succeeded to kill the brothers but was wounded and lost the Apple. Before fainting, Ezio only saw a monk in a black robe with only four fingers at the left hand took the Apple. When he regained consciousness, he decided to track this monk and Caterina gave him the map of her last husband. Later Ezio discovered the identity of the mysterious man, Girolamo Savonarola, an monk from Florence.[3]

In 1491, Ezio was contacted by Antonio who wanted him to help Luis de Santángel and Christoffa Corombo who were in Venice to prepare an expedition to India by the west. The problem was that Corombo was contacted by the Templars and wanted to kill him. Ezio saved him, reclaimed his map and asked the two to flee Italy. Santángel informed Ezio that some Assassins in Spain was captured in by the Spanish Inquisition to be judge and executed. Ezio traveled in Barcelona and met the Assassin Raphael Sánchez who help him to save many Assassins. Ezio discovered that the Templars used the Inquisition to arrest the Assassins and branded them as heretics. Ezio also killed some Templars who led the Inquisition. With the help of Sánchez and Santángel, who was also an Assassin, Ezio stopped a Spanish attack on Granada which made an end to the Reconquista. Ezio saved another time Corombo from the Templars and decided to kill Tomás de Torquemada, the first Inquisitor General of Spain, but his target fled. Ezio understood that Torquemada was only a Templar puppet decided to not kill him and returned to Italy.[4]

Once Ezio collected the six seals of the Assassins' tombs, he unlocked the Armor of Altaïr and also a hidden exit via the Sanctuary. He succeeded in healing his mother from her mutism by collecting a hundred feathers.[1]

In 1497, Ezio returned in Florence where Savonarola installed a theocracy with the Apple of Eden. Ezio with the others Assassins started a rebellion and killed Savonarola's lieutenants corrupted by the Apple. In 1498, a mob arrested Savonarola and Ezio reclaimed the artifact. Before leaving the city, Ezio assisted to the execution of Savonarola and he killed him before the fire took his life.[5]

The Auditore and the Assassins discovering the location of the vault

At the end of the year 1499, the Assassins met in Monteriggioni to uncover the truth behind the codex pages. With the Apple, Ezio discovered a map indicating that the Vault was in Rome. Mario understood that the second artifact was a Staff of Eden and that Rodrigo became pope to take it and to be near the Vault. The Auditore with the others Assassins planned to distract the guard of Rome and Ezio would infiltrate the Sistine Chapel to take the Staff. When Ezio tried to kill Rodrigo, a duel began between the Assassin and the Templar where the Grand Master had the upper hand on Ezio. He stabbed Ezio, took the Apple and entered the secret room where the doors of the Vault remained close. Ezio regained consciousness, he followed Rodrigo and provoked him in a fistfight. When the Pope was at his mercy, Ezio spared his life knowing his death would not bring back his family. Ezio entered in the Vault with the Apple and there he met the Isu Minerva who explained to him she had a message for someone. She spoke about the beginnings of humanity, the Human-Isu War and the Toba catastrophe. She said that another catastrophe would happen in the future and that they need to find temples to stop this. Afterwards, Minerva disappeared greeting a man name Desmond to succeed in his mission. Ezio, confused, asked for more answers but the Isu was gone. Ezio returned in the room where he left Rodrigo but he was already gone. Ezio tried to took the Staff but it disappeared beneath the ground. Mario arrived and helped Ezio to flew the Vaticano keeping the Apple with them.[1]

Liberation of Rome

Cesare Borgia capturing Mario Auditore

When they returned to Monteriggioni, Ezio and Mario explained to others Auditore and Machiavelli what happened in the Vault. When Ezio revealed he didn't kill Rodrigo, Machiavelli left the city anger. The next day, Monteriggioni was attacked by the Borgia's forces led by Cesare Borgia, Rodrigo's son. Mario tried to counter the attack with his mercenaries while Ezio used the cannons to protect the city walls. Mario, who protected the Apple, was captured and executed by Cesare and Ezio was shot in the shoulder. With the last citizens, Ezio and Claudia fled by the sanctuary. Wounded, Ezio decided to follow Cesare in Rome to reclaim the Apple. He ordered to his mother and sister to return to Florence. On the road, Ezio fell unconscious, Machiavelli found him and bring him back in Rome to be healed. When he woke up, Ezio met Machiavelli unaware he was him who saved his life. Together they decided to reform a network for the Assassin in the city. Ezio saw the courtesans of the Rosa in Fiore which her Madam, Madonna Solari was captured by slavers. Ezio decided to pay the ransom but the slavers killed the Madam. When Ezio returned to the brothel, his mother and sister were there. At first anger that they didn't follow his order, Ezio accepted the demand of his sister to run the Rosa in Fiore. With the courtesans, Ezio had information from their clients. Ezio also met the mercenaries of Bartolomeo and the thieves of La Volpe.[6]

In June 1501, Claudia's courtesans discovered that Caterina Sforza, who was captured during the siege of Monteriggioni, was sent to the Castel Sant'Angelo. Ezio infiltrated the castle to save her, killed Rodrigo and his son and reclaimed the Apple. But he arrived too late and he only saved Caterina. In his hideout, Ezio understood that Cesare was too powerful to be attacked in Romagna where his army stood. Ezio decided to recruit new apprentices for the Brotherhood and diminish Borgia power in Rome. He began the training of Francesco Vecellio that would be the leader of an Assassin team who stroke through Italy. Ezio also killed important Templar targets and destroyed War Machines created by Leonardo da Vinci.[6]

Ezio and Niccolò inducting Claudia

In August 1503, Claudia identified the person who funded Cesare's army, a man named the Banker. Ezio followed one of his debtors, Egidio Troche, and found that the Banker was Juan Borgia, a cardinal and Cesare's cousin. During the night of his party, Ezio killed him and the courtesans took the money. Afterwards, guards attacked the Rosa in Fiore to reclaim the money but Claudia killed them. Later, Ezio killed Cesare's French ally, Octavian de Valois, who led an army in Rome which protected the Castel Sant'Angelo. Ezio obtained a key of the side entrance of the castle after saving the life of Pietro Rossi who was targeted by Cesare because he was the lover of his sister, Lucrezia Borgia. Ezio also discovered the man who betrayed him during the Siege of Monteriggioni, the thief Paganino who committed suicide with Ezio's blade when he was captured. With this information, Ezio prevented La Volpe to kill Machiavelli, as he believed the traitor was him. Later, Claudia was inducted in the Brotherhood and Machiavelli designated Ezio as the Mentor of the Assassins. After the ceremony, Machiavelli revealed that he helped Ezio all along even if he was not agreed with his methods. At this moment, a spy informed Ezio that Cesare returned to Rome.[6]

When Cesare returned to the Castel Sant'Angelo, Ezio infiltrated the Castel. He saw Cesare killed his own father after the last refused to give the Apple to his son but also tried to poison him. Ezio was informed by Lucrezia that the Apple was at St. Peter's Basilica. The Assassin ran and reclaimed the artifact before Cesare. During the end of the year, Ezio used the Apple to decrease Cesare's army and in December, after Ezio and others Assassins fought with Cesare's lieutenant, the Captain of the Papal Army was arrested by Fabio Orsini for murder, betrayal and incest.[6]

Ezio fighting Cesare

In 1504, after a first attempt to escape his prison, Cesare was transferred in a prison in Spain. Ezio decided to kill after he had a vision with the Apple. While he pursued Cesare, Ezio fought the Borgia diehards who abducted Claudia. After saving her, he sent her to Florence to work with Paola, Rosa replacing her at the Rosa in Fiore. During the year Maria died of illness. Around 1506, Ezio captured Micheletto ad sent him to the Signoria's cell in Florence. There he was tortured and interrogated but he escaped from the prison before saying where was Cesare. Ezio used the Apple to know where was the Templar but he only saw a castle in Spain. After that, the Apple asked Ezio to hide it in the Colosseum Vault which the Mentor did. The artifact gave the last information, saying that Micheletto was in Naples to go in Spain.[7] Ezio decided to prepare a ship to Spain with the help of Leonardo. While he searched Leonardo's apprentice and lover, Salaì, Leonardo was captured by the Hermeticists who searched the Temple of Pythagoras. After retrieved five paintings of Leonardo with the help of Claudia, Ezio found a map leading to the Temple. Ezio killed the leader of the Hermeticists, Ercole Massimo and entered with Leonardo in the Pythagorean Vault which contained the coordinates of a temple.[8] Afterwards Ezio went to Spain with Leonardo and Machiavelli to stop Cesare during the battle of Valencia.[7] But Cesare flew to Viana where a siege was prepared by the Navarre Army. Ezio tracked down Cesare, defeated him and finally let him fall to his death from the wall of the castle.[6]

Working with other Brotherhoods

After the death of Cesare, Claudia returned to Rome and Ezio developed the Brotherhood in Italy. At some point, Ezio returned to the Villa Auditore to leave a clue to open the Colosseum vault.[6] In 1510, Ezio found a letter of his father to Mario which contained information about the Library of Altaïr Ibn-La'Ahad. The Mentor decided to travel to Masyaf, the old citadel of the Levantine Assassins. Claudia took the lead of the Italian Assassin during his journey, entering in contact with Desiderius Erasmus who was the Mentor of the Northern European Assassins.[9] In March 1511, Ezio found that the castle was controlled by a Templar-affiliated faction of Byzantines. Captured, Ezio escaped from his execution. He discovered that the Library was locked and the location of the keys was in the journal of Niccolò Polo that the Templar captain, Leandros, had with him. Ezio tracked him and killed him. While reading the journal, he knew that the Masyaf Keys were hidden by Niccolò Polo in Constantinople during the 13th century.[10]

Ezio and Sofia meeting for the first time

Arriving in the city in May, Ezio joined the Ottoman Assassins who were led by Yusuf Tazim. The Assassins were in war with the Byzantine Templars for the streets of the city. Ezio recruited new apprentices and defended the Assassin Dens. To find the Masyaf keys, Ezio explored the Polo trading post where a Venetian-Ottoman bookshop owner Sofia Sartor worked. After discovering a hidden path Ezio found the first key and a map indicating lost books in Constantinople which contained information on the other keys. Ezio gave the map to Sofia who would decipher it and in exchange, he gave her the books. Studying the key Ezio understood that it was an artifact of the First Civilization, a Memory Seal which contained a memory of Altaïr Ibn-La'Ahad.[10]

Working with the Assassins, Ezio protected the young Sehzade Suleiman who was targeted by the Templars during a party. Revealing his true nature, Ezio worked with Suleiman to uncover who let the Templars entered. His investigation led him to Tarik Barleti, the captain of the Janissaries, who treat with Manuel Palaiologos, the heir of the Byzantine throne. Discovering that Tarik gave guns and powder to the Byzantines, Suleiman ordered Ezio to kill the captain. In his last moment, Tarik revealed he was not a traitor but a mole, his goal was to destroy the Templars from within. Dying, he demanded to Ezio to pursue his mission in Cappadocia. Informing Suleiman of this, the young man accepted to help Ezio.[10]

Recovering the four seals in the city, Ezio flew Constantinople Harbor and went with Piri Reis to Derinkuyu. There, Ezio helped the spies of Tarik. Creating confusion in the city, Ezio found Manuel and killed him to take the last seal. After that, he discovered that the Prince Ahmet, Suleiman's uncle, was the true leader of the Templars. Ahmet flew after warning Ezio that he knew that Sofia worked with him. Ezio returned to Constantinople to save Sofia, as they developed a relationship.[10]

In Sofia's library, Ezio found the corpse of Yusuf. With the Assassins, Ezio attacked the Arsenal to confront Ahmet. The Templar bargained Sofia's life against the Memory seals. Ezio accepted but discovered that Ahmet lied on the location of Sofia. Ezio saved her and chased Ahmet. During the race, Ezio defeated the Templar and recovered the seals. Ahmet was killed by his brother Selim I and Ezio and Sofia went to Masyaf.[10]

Ezio speaking to Desmond

With the five seals, Ezio opened Altaïr's library, empty of books. There was only the skeleton of Altaïr with a memory seal. Reliving the last memory of Altaïr, Ezio discovered than the Mentor hid an Apple of Eden. Ezio decided to leave the piece of Eden there but the Apple created a Nexus between Ezio and his descendant Desmond. Remembering this name from the Vatican vault, Ezio understood that he accomplished his fate as the Prophet. While he put down his weapons, Ezio permitted to Desmond to enter in contact with the Isu Tinia.[10]

After that, Ezio and Sofia returned to Constantinople to sell the Polo's Library and hid the Memory seals. Then they went to Roma where Ezio announced that he gave the title of Mentor to Lodovico Ariosto. Claudia was against this decision but was happy that her brother was with Sofia. Later, Ezio and Sofia married. Installed in a vineyard in Toscana, the couple had two children, Flavia in 1513 and Marcello in 1514.[9]

Ezio with Sofia and Flavia

After starting a family, Ezio stepped down as Mentor and retired from the Italian Brotherhood. However, he remained to train some recruits, as Giovanni Borgia, Lucrezia's son, and the English Assassin Hiram Stoddard.[11] At some point, Ezio became the protector of the Precursor box, another piece of Eden. He also began to write his own Codex to describe his own experiences as an Assassin. At some point, Ezio decided to no more be related to the Brotherhood affairs until in 1524 when the Chinese Assassin Shao Jun saw him in his villa. The young Assassin searched helped from the old Mentor as the Chinese Brotherhood was wiped out by the Chinese Rite of the Templar Order led by the Eight Tigers. Ezio was reluctant as he thought that his family was in danger. Later, he decided to help the young woman, training her and fighting the hitmen sent to kill her. Before Shao Jun returned to China, Ezio gave her the Precursor box to help her in her journey. Sometime later, Ezio died in Florence. Before dying Ezio left a letter for Sofia explaining that she was his driving force to live.[12]

Later history

It is unknown how many individuals bore the name of Auditore after the births of Ezio’s two children. Prior to 1554, the Auditore family regained control of Monteriggioni, though the town was betrayed in 1554 by Giovannino Zeti, the keeper of the garrison and a Florentine exile, who was allowed to return to Florence in exchange for the keys to the city. Though the town was soon conquered by the Medici family of Florence, the Auditore were allowed to continue their leadership over Monteriggioni, due to their good relations with the Medici.[1][6]

By 1609, at least one member of the family, Fabrizzio Auditore, was still active in Florence and part of the Italian Brotherhood. However he died in France that same year while recovering a Shroud of Eden from the Templars.


Most of the information about the Auditore family was erased from history by the Templar conspiracy, and the name itself, lost over the centuries. But the members of the House had an impact on European history and politics. By the actions of Ezio, the Borgia lost power in Italy and Europe, and when he went in Constantinople, the Templars lost their influence in the city and around the Mediterranean Sea. By saving Lorenzo de' Medici, Ezio permitted to the House of Medici to reign on the city for over two hundred years. The city of Venice and Rome were free of Templar's influences. By his discussions with Suleiman, Ezio forged in part the mentality of the future sultan, teaching him to not act quickly after the death of Tarik.[1][6][10]

Villa Auditore during the modern times

The Auditore also had a great impact on the Assassin Brotherhood. Domenico revived the Italian Brotherhood by installing the headquarters of the Assassins in Monteriggioni for nearly two hundred years. Mario protected the city until his death while Ezio and Claudia restored it to its former glory.[1] The two siblings also helped the Spanish Brotherhood during the Inquisition.[13] After the siege of Monteriggioni, Ezio went in Rome, where, with Claudia and others Assassins, he rebuilt the Brotherhood, recruiting in the population of the city. While liberating Rome, his apprentice Francesco Vecellio and his team stroke through Italy and other apprentices were sent through Europe and Asia to help the other brotherhoods. Some even created a guild in Russia and another one in the New World.[6] During his time in Constantinople, Ezio reinforced the local brotherhood, recruiting and training members against the Templars. He also sent apprentices through the Mediterranean Sea to install Assassin Dens and decrease the power of the Templars.[10] By training Shao Jun, Ezio permitted the rebirth of the Chinese Brotherhood.[14]In 2012, the Villa Auditore and its sanctuary served as a safehouse for a Desmond Miles and the Assassins during they searched of the Apple of Eden.[6]

The Auditore also had an important role in the delaying of the Second Disaster. Domenico broke and scattered Altaïr's Codex pages which contained a map of the Vatican vault, preventing the Templars to obtain it. Him and his descendants dedicated their lives to reclaim every pages of the Codex. Ezio recovered all the pages and also an Apple of Eden. Ezio discovered he was the Prophet who could open the vault. There he entered in communication with the Isu Minerva who gave information on the Second Disaster for his descendant, Desmond.[1] Later, Ezio hid the Apple in the Colosseum vault to be recovered by Desmond. With Leonardo Da Vinci, Ezio unknowingly found the GPS coordinates of the Great Temple.[6] In Altaïr's library, Ezio helped Desmond to enter in contact with the Isu Tinia.[10]

The most famous member of the House Auditore was Ezio, who became a legend during his lifetime. Known as a troublemaker during his youth in Florence, his reputation greatly change after the execution of his family and the assassination of Uberto Alberti. Through Italy, he was known as the Assassino, the population believing he is an urban legend.[1][5]Minstrels wrote songs about his adventures. Among the thieves, he was a role model for his agility and celerity.[6] Even during his first years as an Assassin, the Templars feared, and in some aspect, respected Ezio. In the Italian Brotherhood, Ezio was greatly respected for his skills and experiences, and was elected as their Mentor. Even the Brotherhood around the World knew him, as in Constantinople or in China.[10][14]Centuries after his death, Ezio remained an important figure of the Assassins. Before the American Revolution, when the Kanien'kehá:ka Ratonhnhaké:ton followed the instructions of Juno to joined the Assassins, the Colonial Assassin Achilles Davenport referred Ezio as the one who "uncorked the bottle" of the "spirits".[15] In 1868, the British Assassin Jacob Frye decided to take back London from the Templars with his own gang, the Rooks. His sister Evie told him it was a plot worthy of Ezio Auditore himself but Jacob didn't know who he was.[16]


Domenico Auditore[1]
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Ilario Auditore[1]
Giovanni Auditore[1]
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Mario Auditore[1]
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  • Auditore is Italian, meaning 'auditor'. An auditor is a person who maintains financial accounts of a business, which was likely a reference to the family's work in banking.
  • The Auditore identified themselves as Roman Catholic, but some members of the family were also atheist. Mario stated that he was "never much of a believer" during his mention of the villa chapel to Ezio, while Maria could be seen praying in her room.[1]
    • Additionally, in the novelization, Maria and Claudia spent their time in a convent instead of Monteriggioni, with Claudia almost becoming a nun.
  • As soon as Ezio was born, his father told him that he was an Auditore and he was a fighter, hinting at the family's Assassin background.
  • If the Palazzo Auditore was visited during the Bonfire of the Vanities downloadable content, Ezio could see his family as a loving memory.[1]