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PL Truth SeekerHQ They call me many things: Murderer. Cutthroat. Thief. But you may call me Houngan (San Danje).

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"With his trust, the secrets of the bayou will be yours."
―Roussillon on the houngan's knowledge, 1766.[src]
Eve of Saint John 1

San Danje's houngan conversing with Aveline and Élise

The houngan, or witch doctor, of San Danje was a mysterious individual living in the Louisiana Bayou during the 18th century. He practices folk magic and herbalism. He was occasionally consulted by the Assassin Aveline de Grandpré for his wisdom and knowledge of the general happenings in the area.


Little is known of the houngan's early life, but by 1766, he had come to settle in the village of San Danje, a safe haven for escaped slaves. He had also established a cordial relationship with the bayou's resident smugglers Élise Lafleur and Roussillon, who occasionally brought him supplies.

Following the appearance of a growing cult in the bayou in 1766, the houngan became troubled by the dark influence it began to pose on the people of San Danje. On the Eve of Saint John, he was introduced to Aveline, who sought to eliminate the cult's leader, a man calling himself François Mackandal, but did not know where his voodoo ceremony would be held. Deciding to help, the houngan divined the ceremony's location and provided Aveline with an antidote that would protect her against Mackandal's poisons.

The houngan reunited with Aveline outside his residence some time after, with a new problem having arisen. Throughout the bayou, people had begun to suffer from an infection he dubbed "bayou fever", making them irrationally aggressive. The houngan, no longer fit enough himself, tasked Aveline with collecting mushrooms, the only cure for the illness, and administering them to any victim she may find.

Vanishing Slaves 1

The houngan with Aveline

In 1768, Aveline came to the houngan again, in the hopes he could help her with her investigation into a new string of kidnappings. He confirmed the settlement was missing people, but due to the nature of San Danje as a transitional place, he was unable to determine whether these disappearances were linked.

The houngan then suggested Aveline talk to Élise, who may have a better idea given the fact that she frequently hired people from San Danje. Before the Assassin departed, he handed her a new poison that would drive her victims momentarily hysterical, feeling it would aid her in her future endeavors.





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