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ACO Hotep Cavern

Hotep Cavern

Hotep Cavern is a cave situated east of Siwa in the Qattara Depression. The cave served as the final resting place of the Hidden Ones founders, Bayek of Siwa and Amunet.


During their early life, Bayek and Aya often traveled to the cave, where they eventually found love.[1]

In around 48 BCE, Bayek returned to the site, where he reflected on his relationship with Aya, and pondered how it might be appropriate that the site of their beginning would also be where they ended. After their deaths, the cave served as their burial site, where they remained for almost 2000 years.[1]

In October 2017, Layla Hassan ventured to Hotep Cavern to locate a relic of interest, but instead stumbled across the mummified remains of Bayek. Collecting his DNA, Layla set up her Animus to explore the genetic memories of Bayek. Through the Bleeding Effect, Layla later discovered Aya's sarcophagus, which had fallen down to a small cavern. Layla collected the DNA from Aya's mummy before she returned to her workplace.[1]

Sometime after sequencing Bayek's memories in the Faiyum Oasis, Layla was woken up by her colleague Deanna Geary, who alerted to her that Abstergo Industries had discovered her location and sent the Sigma Team to hunt both of them down for failing to comply with their orders. Layla was able to dispatch the attackers, but was unable to assist Deanna, who monitored the former from a hotel.[1]


  • Hotep Cavern is a 'secret' location, easily missed by players aiming for the "Old Habits" achievement. Hotep Cavern is one of the few locations of interest in the desolate Qattara Depression, and does not appear on the map after synchronising. Discovery is based on clues written on a stone tablet in the modern-day cavern.
  • Depending on the player's progress in the story, Layla will either have the stone translated, or be able to read it herself through the Bleeding Effect.
  • The "relic of power" mentioned in the tablet is supposedly the random legendary item, not an Isu artifact, as is more common for "relics".
  • If the player visits the site as Bayek, in the modern time Layla will mention that she "has been here Bayek" when she goes outside.
  • Hotep is an Egyptian word which can be translated as 'to be at peace'.




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