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Hostile Negotiations was a virtual representation of one of Ratonhnhaké:ton's genetic memories, relived by Desmond Miles in 2012 through the Animus.


Despite having his tea destroyed, William Johnson had found a way to acquire the money necessary to buy the land on which the Mohawk village stood. Connor then set out to end the threat for good.


  • Connor: It is done.
  • Achilles: Johnson is dead?
  • Connor: No. He retreated when we destroyed the tea.
  • Achilles: Only to hatch some new scheme, I'm sure... You should have killed him.
  • Connor: There was no need.
  • Achilles: Time will tell if you speak the truth.
ACIII-HostileNegotiations 2

Kanen'tó:kon informing Connor about Johnson's return

Six months passed before Kanen'tó:kon returned to the Davenport Homestead.

  • Kanen'tó:kon: Ratonhnhaké:ton! Ratonhnhaké:ton!
  • Connor: Kanen'tó:kon? Why are you here? Has something happened?
  • Kanen'tó:kon: William Johnson has returned - with all the money required to buy our land. He meets with the elders as we speak. I have begged them to resist. But I fear he shall have his way unless you intervene.
  • Connor: How is this possible? We destroyed the tea.
  • Achilles: The Templars are nothing if not resourceful. You should have heeded my warning.
  • Kanen'tó:kon: Please, you have to stop him.
  • Connor: Of course. Can you tell me where they are meeting?

Connor then made his way to the frontier.

  • Kanen'tó:kon: Johnson Hall is just across the river. The water is well guarded, Ratonhnhaké:ton.
  • Connor: Wait for me here.

Connor made his way to the meeting.

  • Johnson: Brothers, please! I am confident we will find a solution!
  • Elder: We are not your brothers.
  • Johnson: Do we not seek the same things? Peace, prosperity, fertile land.
  • Elder: You seek land, true enough. Land that is not yours, nor any person's.
  • Johnson: I only wish to keep you safe! There are those who would betray and manipulate you. Or worse yet - take the land by force.
  • Elder: We are all too aware of the expeditions your people send against us.
  • Johnson: What do you mean, my people? We are all ONE! We should act as such.
ACIII-HostileNegotiations 6

Johnson trying to convince the Elder

  • Elder: How? By signing our lands over to you? Then we'll be as one - in your debt forever.
  • Elder: Sir William may have a point... What hope do we have against their black powder and iron?
  • Elder: The spirits will guide us as they always have.
  • Elder: Did they not guide us here?
  • Elder: Yes. That we might unmask the great betrayer.
  • Elder: This is a mistake. We should sign.
  • Johnson: Peace. Peace! Have I not always been an advocate? Have I not always sought to protect you from harm?
  • Elder: If you wish to protect us, then give us arms. Muskets and horses that we might defend ourselves!
  • Johnson: War is not the answer!
  • Elder: We remember Stanwix! We remember you moved the borders! Even today men dig up the land - showing no regard for those who live upon it. Your words are honeyed, but false. We are not here to negotiate. Nor to sell. We are here to tell you and yours to leave these lands.
  • Johnson: So be it. I offered you an olive branch, and you knocked it from my hand. Perhaps you'll respond better to the sword.
  • Elder: Are you threatening us?
  • Johnson: Yes.
    Do you still doubt?

A fight then ensued, in which Connor defended the men from his tribe.

  • Johnson: Ah! Thought you might send one of your own to oppose me. An unwise decision, as you'll now learn! Call off your dog or everyone dies!

Connor then assassinated Johnson.

ACIII-HostileNegotiations 9

Johnson explaining his intentions

  • Johnson: Ah, no. What have you done?
  • Connor: Ensured an end to your schemes. You sought to claim these lands for the Templars...
  • Johnson: Aye. That we might PROTECT them! Do you think that good King George lies awake at night hoping that no harm comes to his native subjects? Or that the people of the city care one whit about them? Oh, sure, the colonists are happy to trade when they need food or shelter or a bit of extra padding for their armies. But when the walls of the city constrict - when there's crops that need soil - when there's... when there's no enemy to fight - we'll see how kind the people are then.
  • Connor: The colonists have no quarrel with the Iroquois.
  • Johnson: Not yet. But they will. 'Tis the way of the world. In time, they'll turn. I... I could have stopped it. I could have saved you all...
  • Connor: You speak of salvation, but you were killing them.
  • Johnson: Aye. Because they would not listen! And so, it seems, neither will you.
  • Connor: May the Faceless One grant you the peace you claimed to seek.


Connor assassinated William Johnson, the first of his Templar targets, saving his village from being sold.



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