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AC1 Hospitalier Fortress

The Hospitalier Fortress

The Hospitalier Fortress was a stronghold of the Crusader Knights Hospitalier, found in Acre during the Third Crusade. The structure functioned as both a hospital and military quarters and was located in the northern section of the poor district.

In 1191, the fortress was the site of experiments on patients overseen and conducted by the Templar Garnier de Naplouse. At this time, the fortress was heavily guarded, with only patients, soldiers, and scholars allowed on the premises. Later that year, the Assassin Altaïr Ibn-La'Ahad infiltrated the fortress to assassinate Garnier.


Outside the fortress, a Catholic stone cross marked the entrance, overlooking some stairs. Just through the main fortress gates was a courtyard made of stone, with a well at its center.

The inner fortress and hospital was accessible from any of the three remaining walls of the courtyard. The interior was filled with many closely-watched hospital beds, as well as a few wandering, partially unstable patients and the guards. Some of the beds and operating tables were occupied by corpses.


  • Ironically, there is a herald located west of the fortress who speaks of "overcoming tests", given that experiments and torture are conducted down the street.
  • In the poor district, it is possible to overhear rumors of what goes on inside the building.
  • A view point is located atop the fortress' tower.



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