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This article is about the former gladiator in Krokodilopolis arena. For other uses, see Horus.
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Horus was a gladiator trainer who worked in the Krokodilopolis Arena in Krokodilopolis, Egypt during the reign of Ptolemy XIII.


Horus was a former gladiator who fought in the arena in Krokodilopolis, under the arena owner, Felix Martialis. Like many gladiators who fought in the arena, Horus served as a mercenary on several occasions, employed on missions outside of the Faiyum Oasis. During his fight against the Gallic brothers, Diovicos and Viridovix, Horus suffered an injury to the back of his head. Before he was killed, Felix stepped in to stop them, forcing Horus to give up his career as a gladiator. He then became a trainer in the arena, helping to train the new recruits before their fights.[1]

In 48 BCE, Horus met the Medjay Bayek of Siwa, who joined the arena and teamed up with Kensa, an old friend of his from Siwa. Horus advised Bayek not to fight the Gallic brothers, referencing the head injury that he'd obtained during his last fight with them. After Bayek was successful in winning his first fight, Horus advised him to reject any contracts he might be offered, stating that many gladiators had died doing missions as mercenaries. In addition, Horus also advised Kallistos, another gladiator, to decline the contracts. Kallistos however refused to listen and went on one such mission which cost his life.[1]

Kallistos's body was brought back to the arena, where Horus tended to him. Shortly after winning his third fight, Bayek approached Horus on the details regarding Kallistos's death. Horus informed Bayek that even if he wished to find out the employer's identity, no one would tell him, including Felix himself.[1]



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