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This article is about the Isu and an Egyptian deity. For other uses, see Horus.
"That is Horus, the Falcon. the Great Black One. God of the sky. The sun is his right eye and the moon is his left eye. Forever he flies across the heavens, making night and day."
Stone Circles inscription about Horus[src]

Horus was an Isu and the son of Osiris and Isis.[1] He was revered as an Egyptian god and was widely associated as the god of the sky and as the protector of the rulers of Egypt.[2] He is described as having the head of a blue hawk and as such is symbolized as one.[3]

The enclosed content is of ambiguous canonicity.

When Osiris was murdered by his brother Seth, Isis used the Ankh to revive him, but it only brought Osiris back for one night. Using the opportunity, they consummated their love that night, leading to the conception of Horus.[1]


Ancient Greek, using the Interpretatio graeca, a discourse used to interpret or attempt to understand the mythology and religion of other cultures, identified Horus as the god Apolo, but also identified him as Zeus.

Within the simulation of Atlantis, the Spartan misthios Kassandra visited an archive dedicated to Horus in the Oikos of Atlantis.[4]

Horus had a temple in Letopolis dedicated to him and his worship. Bayek visited this temple during 48 BCE and found a papyrus puzzle.[5]

His insignia, the Eye of Horus, was used by the Medjay as a mark of office. The Eye of Horus was later incorporated into the emblem of the Hidden Ones once the organization was founded by Bayek of Siwa, himself a former Medjay. A Stone Circle was also designated to Horus in Uab Nome, which was explored by Bayek sometime in 48 BCE.[5]

Around 38 BCE, Bayek, while exploring Aten helped an old man, Khui, preserve his fading memory of the Old Divine ones by searching for statuettes of three old gods, Horus being one of them, Bayek later gave the man the statuettes.[6]




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