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Horacio de Heredia was an Assassin of the Spanish Brotherhood during the Reconquista.


Early life

Horacio de Heredia was a heroic and beloved Knight Hospitalier of Rhodes during the Renaissance. Descended from Spanish nobility, he was regarded as one of the most virtuous men of his Order.[1]

In 1489, during Inquisitor Torquemada's rise to power, Horacio's noble house refused to support what they saw as an inexcusable abuse of authority by the Inquisition. Not to be trifled with, Torquemada used his influence over the King and Queen to have his family branded as heretics and executed.[1]

Outraged and heartbroken by the news, Horacio decided to abandon the Knights Hospitalier in Rhodes and to return to Spain to avenge them.[1]

Quest for revenge

Horacio returned to his old family estate in Old Castile, which had been already taken by the Inquisition. There, he was greeted by the Spanish Assassins, who learned of his story and offered their assistance. While rushing in to eliminate the Spanish soldiers, Horacio suffered an injury but was rescued by the Assassins and brought to their hideout in the Sierra de Cazorla to recuperate.[2]

The Assassins were later able to track down and eliminate Duran, the commandant responsible for the execution of Horacio's family. Thanking them for their assistance, Horacio pledged his sword to the Order, joining the Brotherhood's fight against Torquemada.[3]

Personality and traits

While working for the Brotherhood, Horacio was invaluable to the cause. His upbringing, garb and knowledge of Templar lore allowed him to infiltrate many locations without suspicion, posing as a Templar knight. Likewise, his amazing armor and two-handed sword prowess made him a bulwark in combat.[1]

Behind the scenes



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