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Horacio's Retribution is a recurring Helix Rift Event in Assassin's Creed: Rebellion that originally lasted from April 30–May 6, 2018.

Horacio's Retribution comprises five missions set in Spain during the Reconquista in which the former-Knight Hospitaller Horacio de Heredia joined the Spanish Brotherhood of Assassins after Tomás de Torquemada ordered the Inquisition to execute his family as heretics. Successful mission synchronization gave players Data Nodes which unlocked various reward tiers based on the total Nodes collected, with the top tier granting players the character Horacio to play in future missions; a heavy weapon, set of heavy armor, and accessories scaled to one's Brotherhood level; and Codex. Players could earn extra Nodes if they used one or more of the following Sync Bonus Heroes:

Node Bonuses per Hero
Hero Bonus Data Nodes
Magdalena Suárez[1][2][3] +50% initially, +25% for
each additional rank
Angela Carillo[1][2][3]
Sayyid al-Abbas[4]
Beatriz de Navarrete[4][5][6]
Luis Chico[5][6]
Flora de la Cruz[1][2][3] +75% initially, +25% for
each additional rank
Álvaro de Espinosa[1][2]
Jaime del Rada[3]
Baltasar de León[4][5][6]
Aleksei Zima[4]
Luciano Cavazza[5]
Rosa Gallego[6]
María[1][2][3][4][5][6] +100% initially, +25% for
each additional rank
Domingo de la Torre[1][3]
Rodrigo de Mendoza[4]
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Official Synopsis

Spain: 15th century
Near the end of the 15th century, Torquemada's madness knew no limits, striking friends and foes alike.

Caught in the middle of the Inquisition atrocities was the virtuous Knight Hospitaller of Rhodes Horacio de Heredia, whose noble family still lived in Spain. When his parents sided with other honorable noble families that refused to support Torquemada's abuse of authority, they were all accused of heresy and executed.

Getting wind of the situation, Horacio abandoned his order to embark on a journey to avenge his bloodline and all those who suffered at the hands of the Inquisition.

As Horacio sets foot back into his motherland and heads to his family estate, the Spanish Assassins decide to approach him...


Chapter 1 - Old Castile

Chapter 2 - New Castile

Chapter 3 - Fort Alphonso


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