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Horacio's Payback was an altered representation of fragmented genetic memories.

Aguilar's Journal

Our preparations are complete, Fort Alphonso's defenses have been weakened and we know our marks. Torquemada's order to execute Horacio's family was carried out by the leaders of the keep, Executioner Pedrosa and Commandant Duran.

Those "Dogs of the Lord" have acquired an infamy for violence across New Castile, and their crimes go beyond the Heredia tragedy. They will not be missed.

The time has come to deliver retribution...


The Spanish Assassins infiltrated the fort and soon reached Executioner Pedrosa.

  • Executioner Pedrosa: Who dares to step into my dungeon? My, but if it isn't the Assassins! Why have you come here?
  • Spanish Assassin: To enact justice. Do you remember the Heredia family? Their souls demand reparation!
  • Executioner Pedrosa: Ah! So you have become Horacio's miscreant pets. How cute. Come, let me show you my new torture tools!

Pedrosa engaged the Assassins in combat but was killed. They continued through the fort, eventually reaching Commandant Duran, who awaited them atop the fort's tower.

  • Commandant Duran: Assassins, falling right into my lap! Are you so eager to die? Torquemada will be pleased when I bring him your heads.
  • Spanish Assassin: You're the one going to hell, Duran. You have wronged too many innocents, the Heredia family among them.
  • Commandant Duran: Ah, Horacio's parents. Are you friends with him now? I'll crush you, and then him, just like I destroyed his heretical family!

Duran also engaged Aguilar in combat and was similarly killed. The Assassins later met Horacio outside the fort.

  • Horacio: Thank you, friends. The death of Pedrosa and Duran will not bring my family back, but it's a start. I owe you.
  • Spanish Assassin: No need, Horacio. We did it for you and all the innocents they wronged. For justice. But they were just tools in the hand of their master. The real culprit of this country's misery still stands.
  • Horacio: Yes, Torquemada. For my family's honor, I shall not rest until I plunge my sword into his heart.
  • Spanish Assassin: Join our Brotherhood! We share the same goal, and we draw our strength in numbers. You have seen it at work.
  • Horacio: ...You speak the truth, friends, and there is honor in your ways. Very well, my sword is yours!


Pedrosa and Duran were killed, ending Horacio's quest to avenge his family's murder. Aware of their mutual goal of ending Torquemada's hold over Spain through the Inquisition, the Spanish Assassins offered Horacio a position in the Brotherhood. Renouncing his allegiance to the Knights Hospitalier, Horacio accepted the invitation.


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