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Hopton: "You weren't detected, I hope?"
Aveline: "Not by any who still breathes."
―Hopton and Aveline, on the transportation of supplies, 1776.[src]
Supplying the Revolution 3

Hopton speaking with George, Aveline and Élise

Hopton was a Patriot active during the American Revolutionary War. Following an arrangement with the Spanish governor of Louisiana in 1776, he was tasked with escorting valuable supplies out of Louisiana, to the rebels.

However, the transportation of wares was complicated when the Templar Vázquez expressed opposition to this arrangement and, when his threats were ignored, stationed guards along the trade route Hopton's contacts - smugglers Élise Lafleur and Roussillon - would be using.

With the aid of Assassin Aveline de Grandpré, the smugglers managed to reach Hopton at the edge of the Louisiana Bayou and hand him the supplies. On the request of Aveline, Hopton also took on the slave George, who promised to serve the Patriots if they escorted him North.


  • The face model used for Hopton could also be seen on several generic civilians.



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