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Mr. Hook (unknown – 14 July 1789) was an English contract killer and bounty hunter working with Mr. Harvey during the French Revolution. The pair were hired by the Carrolls in order to avenge their daughter, May, and to kill Frederick Weatherall, Élise de la Serre and her maid, Hélène.


The two men traveled to Paris in 1789, and used the lootings that followed the storming of the Bastille to pose as commoners sleeping off their wine in the de la Serre estate after it had been sacked. Waiting there for the return of Élise, the hitmen captured the young Templar when she came back to her house and prepared to torture and kill her as ordered by Mrs. Carroll.

However, Élise took advantage of a momentary distraction from Hook, who was bodily searching her while Harvey held her at gunpoint, to attack the man and thus prevent Harvey from instantly shooting her. During the brawl, Élise used a broken banister strut to deal a mortal blow into Harvey's eye and succeeded to recover her pistol while Hook was doing the same. Holding each other at gunpoint, Élise used the timely arrival of Bernard Ruddock to shoot a distracted Hook in the mouth, instantly killing him.



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