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Honor, Lost and Won is a memory in Assassin's Creed Revelations.


Ezio follows the Janissaries to their barracks and locates Tarik Barleti to learn where he had sent the weapons purchased by Manuel Palaiologos and assassinate the corrupt Captain.


Ezio follows the Janissaries, wearing his slightly damaged disguise.

  • Janissary 1: Selim understands our plight. The Byzantines, the Mamluks, the Safavid. Only he has the courage to face these threats.
  • Janissary 2: Haklisin. (You speak truth.) Selim is a warrior. Like Osman and Mehmet.
  • Janissary 1: So why has our Sultan chosen a cat over our lion.
  • Janissary 2: Ahmet shares the Sultan's calm temperament. They are too much alike, I fear.
  • Janissary 1: Why does Ahmet linger in this city? He knows he is not wanted.
  • Janissary 2: He is like a moth hovering around an open flame. Waiting for his father to perish so that he may step to the throne.
  • Janissary 1: Did you hear? He offered Tarik a sum of money in exchange for our loyalty.
  • Janissary 2: God damn him. What did Tarik do?

They arrive at the Janissaries camp.

  • Guard: Khardeshlerim! (Brothers!) One of our own was found murdered and stripped of his garments not an hour ago, his body dumped like a mound of rubbish. Keep a close watch on these streets as you move about. Someone is planning to strike in our name. We must be ready.

Ezio infiltrates the camp and oversees Tarik meeting with a Janissary.

  • Janissary: Tarik. A message for you.
  • Tarik: Harikulade. (Perfect.) The rifles have arrived in Cappadocia, where Manuel has garrisoned his army.
  • Janissary: And our men, are they still with him?
  • Tarik: Evet. (Yes.) They will contact us when the Byzantines decamp, then we will meet them when they reach Bursa.
  • Janissary: Everything is falling into place, efendim (my Lord).
  • Tarik: Evet. (Yes.) For once.

Ezio assassinates Tarik.

  • Tarik: Ah, what a bitter irony. Is this the result of Suleiman's investigation?
  • Ezio: You collude with the Sultan's enemies. What did you expect would come of such treachery?
  • Tarik: I blame myself. Not for treason, but hubris. I was preparing an ambush. Preparing to strike the Byzantine Templars where they felt safest.
  • Ezio: What proof do you have of this?
  • Tarik: See here. This will lead you to the Byzantines in Cappadocia. Destroy them if you can.
  • Ezio: You have done well, Tarik. Forgive me.
  • Tarik: Protect my homeland, Assassin. Allah ashkina (In God's name), redeem the honor we have lost in this fight.
  • Janissary: Murderer! Kill him!
  • Ezio: I am getting tired of this uniform.


Ezio kills Tarik, but finds out he was an innocent man who tried to track the Byzantines himself, though through different means.


  • To gain full Synchronization, Ezio must perform an air assassination on Tarik.

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