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Hong Kong in 2017

Hong Kong (香港) is a major city-state of China on its southern coast facing the South China Sea. One of the most densely populated cities in the world, it lies on the east end of the Pearl River Delta across from Macau, and is one of the world's greatest financial centers of international commerce.


In 2012, the pharmacologist Stephanie Chiu fled from Abstergo Industries after discovering her father's involvement in the New Fluoride scandal. She escaped to Hong Kong, where she met the Assassins Gavin Banks and Susan Drayton, and joined the Assassin Brotherhood aboard the Altaïr II.[1]

In February 2017, an Assassin cell led by Barindra Mitra broke into an abandoned Abstergo skyscraper office in Hong Kong. The cell assisted Charlotte de la Cruz in her efforts to gather information about Abstergo's Phoenix Project. However, the cell was ambushed by the Instruments of the First Will led by Jasdip Dhami, with Charlotte and Guernica Moneo being the only survivors. Then, two Templars, Juhani Otso Berg and Violet da Costa, were called to investigate this. On site, Otso was perplexed as to why a small unidentified army appeared to be defending an Abstergo archive against the Assassins. The Master Templar ordered Violet to bribe the Chinese police to leave the site as it was and retired to his hotel room for the night.[2]

Changing into his high tech Black Cross attire, Berg returned to the skyscraper to conduct an investigation of his own. Assisted by Bolden, who was acting as a tech support, the Black Cross discovered evidences that both high-tech Templar equipment and Assassin weaponry were used by the mysterious men who butchered the Assassins.[2]



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