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This article is about the genetic memory of Bayek. You may be looking for the genetic memory of Ezio Auditore.

Homecoming was a virtual representation of one of Bayek's genetic memories, relived by Layla Hassan through the Portable Animus HR-8.


A weathered Bayek confronted the bodyguard of Rudjek.


  • Hypatos: You killed my master and left me for dead. That was a mistake.
  • Bayek: Your master was a murderer.
  • Hypatos: I am his sworn bodyguard. It is a question of honor.
  • Bayek: I am the Medjay of Siwa.
  • Hypatos: Then you are a worthy opponent.
Homecoming 02

Bayek fighting Hypatos

The ground beneath the men collapsed, causing them to fall through into the ruins of a structure. They resumed their fight.

  • Hypatos: A broken weapon won't save you. This place will serve as tomb to one of us. Let it be you.
  • Bayek: Let us call truce. You are not one I've sworn to kill.
  • Hypatos: Question of honor. It is a fight to the death.
  • Bayek: So be it.
Homecoming 04

Bayek and Hypatos falling through the collapsed floor

Bayek won the fight.

Bayek explored the abandoned tomb and found a weak wall.

  • Bayek: This wall...

Outside, Bayek encountered Hepzefa, fighting a group of soldiers.

Homecoming 05

Bayek rushing to Hepzefa's aid

  • Bayek: Soldiers. Of course.
  • Soldier 1: Where's your Medjay friend?
  • Bayek: Hepzefa! Watch out!
  • Hepzefa: Bayek! Is that you? It is an ambush!
  • Bayek: You are telling me!
  • Soldier 2: There's the Medjay! Kill him!
  • Captain: Kill his friend and I'll take care of the Medjay.
  • Soldier 2: You are supposed to be dead!
  • Captain: And you will be, we'll make sure of that!


Bayek defeated Hypatos and was reunited with Hepzefa.


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