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This article is about the memory of Ezio Auditore. You may be looking for an alternate use of the word.

Homecoming was a virtual representation of one of Ezio Auditore's genetic memories, relived by Desmond Miles in 2012 through the Animus 2.01.


After having visited the Vatican Vault and escaped from the Vaticano District of Rome with his uncle, Ezio Auditore rode alongside Mario on horseback, as the pair made their way back to Monteriggioni on a journey that would span four days.


  • Ezio: ...and then Minerva talked about the sun. She told of a disaster that occurred long ago and another that is coming.
  • Mario: Sometime far in future, vero (right)? Then we need not worry about it.
  • Ezio: (Yes). Perhaps our work is finished.
  • Mario: Would that be so bad?

A cannon ball crashed into the ground next to them as they rode toward the city gates, just missing them.

Homecoming 1 v

Ezio covering himself to avoid cannon fire

  • Mario: We upgraded the arsenal while you were away.
  • Ezio: Ah. And it is now customary for you to fire cannon balls at visitors?
  • Mario: My apologies. We only installed them a few days ago. My men are still being trained in their use.

The two men reached the city gates and rode into Monteriggioni.

  • Woman: Welcome back, Ezio!
  • Ezio: Madonna (Ma'am).
  • Boy: Ezio! Look it is Ezio! Let me see!
  • Ezio: Buon giorno (Good day). It is good to be home.
  • Man: Felice anno nuovo (Happy New Year)!
  • Ezio: This place just keeps getting better.
  • Mario: Thanks to you.

Mario and Ezio reached the stairs that led to the Villa Auditore and dismounted their horses. There, they met Claudia Auditore.

Homecoming 2 v

Claudia waiting for Ezio near the villa

  • Claudia: Brother!
  • Ezio: Claudia, it is good to be home. How is mother?
  • Claudia: She's fine. I heard you were returning, but I am glad to see it with my own eyes. The Contessa (Countess) of Forlì is here to welcome you. I had no idea you were so famous!
  • Ezio: Caterina? Here?
  • Claudia: Is it finished, then? Is the Spaniard truly dead?
  • Ezio: Gather the others in Mario's study tonight. I'll explain everything there.
  • Mario: Steel yourself, Ezio. They will have many questions.
  • Ezio: Claudia, tell the Contessa (the Countess) I look forward to seeing her this evening.


Claudia and Mario went into the Villa, and Ezio was free to roam around Monteriggioni.


  • Once inside Monteriggioni, a child could be seen, excited to see Ezio. This was one of the few instances in which a child was seen in the Assassin's Creed series, prior to Assassin's Creed III.
  • When using Eagle Vision during the scene while Ezio spoke to Claudia, Mario did not appear to have any aura at all, while Claudia was shown in blue.
  • Mario states that they installed the cannons a few days prior, however there should be no way for him to know this as there is a four day ride between Monteriggioni and Rome, and he would've been gone by the time they began installation. Moreso, even if Mario had ordered their installation before he departed, Ezio should've been aware of this.



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